1960: 86th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


Eye of the Hurricane, by C. C. Furnas at commencement exercises, University of Buffalo , N.Y., A5049.

Julius B. Levine, at Class Day exercises, Harvard University, A5694.

Truth in Lending, by Senator Douglas before the League of Insured Savings Associations, 10116.

Appointed Acting President pro tempore, 1701.

Appointed on commission, 76.


African Tour (a series), by May Craig, A4079, A4334, A4335, A4394, A4395, A4440, A4441.

Africa on the Move (a series), by May Craig, A5417, A5418, A5483, A5484, A5529, A5530, A5574, A5575, A5633, A5634, A5695.

American in Paris Practically Squirmed, by Murrey Marder in the Washington Post, 10795.

As May Goes, in Good Housekeeping, 10115.

Clinton Clauson Dies (sundry), from Maine newspapers, 386-388.

Desire for Freedom Wars With Ancient Islam Rules, by May Craig, A4140.

Era of Nationalism Brings Twilight of Kings, by May Craig, A4140.

Ivory Coast Stays in French Community, by May Craig, A4176.

Meet May Craig, by Patricia Schroth in Downeast magazine, 10115.

Nationalistic Drive in Africa (a series), by May Craig, A4122, A4123.

New Senator From Maine, by Olga Arnold and Laura Winslow in Ameryka magazine, 5149.

Passionate Patriotism May Create Desired Union, by May Craig, A4141.

People of Ghana Are Planning Fast and Hard, by May Craig, A4177.

Political Stability Reflects Well-Being of Ghana, by May Craig, A4177.

Shots and Thoughts That Precede a Journey, by May Craig, A4079.

State Department Briefing Indicates Importance of Trip, by May Craig, A4080.

Tour of Soviet Dams by Three Senators, from I. F. Stone's Weekly publication, A1016.

United States Ponders, Russia Acts -- Africa on the Move, by May Craig, A4141.

Visit to the Soviet Union and Poland, newsletter from, 136.

Editorial: Clauson Was Man of True Honesty, in the Waterville (Maine) Sentinel, 979.

Ike's Sad Homecoming, in the Des Moines Register, 10793.

Versatility of Jennings Randolph from the Fairmont (W. Va.) Times A268

We Learned All About Japan After Damage Had Been Done, from the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, A5682.

Newsletter: American Plane Shot Down by Soviets-U-2 Incident, 12544.

Prayer: Clinton Clauson Funeral, by Rev. John Daniel, 386.

Release: visit to Poland, from, 9178

Remarks regarding visit to the Soviet Union and Poland, by Senator Gruening, 136.

Resolution: Clinton Clauson eulogy, by the Maine congressional delegation, 385

Sermon: Clinton Clauson Funeral Service, remarks by Rev. Kenneth Garrison, 385

Statement: Eagles' Jobs After 40 Campaign, by, 10485.

Amendments offered by, to

General Government matters appropriation bill (H.R. 11389): to amend, 13781,

House temporary vacancies, filling of (81. Res. 39) : to amend, 1503, 1749.

School construction bill (S. 8): to amend, 1146, 1919, 2026, 2076.

Social security bill (H.R. 12580) : to amend, 15471.

Student loan insurance bill (S. 2710): to amend, 13410.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Arlington National Cemetery: enlargement of (see bill S. 3717), 13704.

Colleges and universities: Federal loans for construction and improvement (see bill S.3007), 2289.

Credit extensions: require disclosure of finance charges connected with (see bill S.2755),349.

Edith Q.: document as U.S. vessel (see bill S.3055), 2839.

Electors of Federal officials: amend Constitution relative to qualifications of (see S.J. Res. 126), 1516.

National transportation system: strengthen and improve (see bills S. 2935, 3020). 1581, 2407.

Northeastern Water and Related Land Resources Compact: consent of Congress to (see bill S. 2842), 591.

Pipe and Refrigeration Fitters Pension Fund: relating to effective date of qualification of (see bill S. 3694), 12970.

Poll tax: eliminate as voting requirement in national elections (see bill S. 2868), 840.

Woodrow Wilson Memorial Commission: establish (see S.J. Res. 152), 956.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Administrative and policymaking positions: relating to tenure of office of persons appointed to (see S. Res. 338), 13307.

Natural resources: accelerate development and utilization of (see S.Res. 311), 8995

Water resource and development program: continue study of United States and Russian (see S. Res. 325), 10750

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: increase funds, 13781

Arlington National Cemetery: enlargement, 13706.

Arlington National Cemetery: establish memorial area for medal winners, 13706.

Civil rights bill, 5103.

Clauson, Clinton A.: eulogy, 384.

Craig, May: tribute, 10114.

Des Plaines Refuge Area land conveyance, 14884.

Education: Federal school construction bill, 2027.

General Government matters appropriation bill, 13781.

Green, Theodore F.: announced retirement from the Senate, 331.

Murray, James E.: retirement from the Senate, 8869.

O'Mahoney, Joseph C.: retirement form the Senate, 10689.

Poland: Constitution Day, 9174.

Poland: contributions to Western civilization, 9174.

Summit conference: failure, 10793-10795.

Talbert, Vernon: 50th anniversary of Senate employment, 10112.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.