1959: 86th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine)


Jackson Day dinner, Springfield, Mo., by, 3469.

Jackson Day dinner, Senator Symington, at Jefferson Jackson Day dinner, Rockland, Maine, 12757.

Jackson Day dinner, Tennessee Municipal League, by, 9380.

Appointed on committee, 671.

Appointed conferee, 8931.


Admiral Peary, Pole Discoverer, by Steve Riley In the Portland Telegram, 5425.

Admiral Peary, Pole Discoverer: Glory That Led But to the Grave; Tribute to the Late Commodore Samuel Tucker, by Earle W. Gage in the National Republic publication, A5780.

Commodore Samuel Tucker: Peary's Arctic Trip, by Daniel Rapoport in the Portland Telegram, 5425

Commendations in the Senate, 15654.

Credentials, 5.


Letter: cane and bushberry crop reports, to Senator Morse, from, 9563.

Letter: oil imports, to the President, from, 10503.

Letter: Reginald H. Sturtevant, entitled "Get Understanding" relative to relationship of United States with other nations, A3836.


Memorandum: bank merger bill, views of Senators Douglas, Clark, Proxmire, and Muskie, 8127.

Oath of office, 6


Admiral Peary memorial ceremony, by Robert E. Peary, Jr., 5424

Admiral Peary memorial ceremony: Intergovernmental Relations Commission, committee testimony by Meyer Kestnbaum, 18943.

Resolution: Federal-State relations, by the Governors' Conference, San Juan, P.R., 18940.

Amendments offered by, to

Bank merger bill (S. 1062): to amend, 8140.

Corporate and excise tax extensions (H.R. 7523): to amend, 11897.

Federal school construction (S. 8) : to amend, 19688.

Mutual security appropriations (H.R. 8385): to amend, 19305.

Mutual security bill (S. 1451): to amend, 9954.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: establish (see bill S.2026), 8733.

Blind persons: establish commission t study problems related to (see bill S.2077), 9220.

Commission on a Department of Science and Technology: establish (see bill S.1851), 7404.

Commission on Unemployment Problems establish (see bill S. 1631), 5485.

Coolidge, Osvaldo R.: for relief (see bi S. 2164), 10591.

Department of Agriculture and land-grant colleges: centennial celebration (see S. Res. 66), 3291.

Department of Science and Technology create (see bill S. 676), 1177.

Education: Federal aid to States for (see bill S. 2), 790.

Electors of Federal officials: amend Constitution relative to qualifications of (se S.J. Res. 126), 16309.

Federal Reserve Act: amend relative to real estate loans (see bill S. 1173, 1174), 2977.

Fishing vessels: provide assistance in construction of (see bill S. 1374), 3813.

Hawaiian statehood bill (see S. 50), 228.

Higher education student loans: Federal insurance on (see bill S. 2710), 19409.

Internal Revenue Code of 1954: amend relative to certain State tax refunds on distilled spirits and wine (see bill S 2604),17113.

Internal Revenue Code: amend to prohibit deductions of certain business expenses (see bill S 2G40), 8734.

Interstate Highway System: extend time for approval of cost estimates (see bill S. 1826), 6959.

Medical research: mobilize world leaders in (see S.J. Res. 41), 1495.

National Economic Council for Security and Progress: establish (see bill S. 2080), 9804.

Petroleum and petroleum products: rescind action imposing quotas on (see bill S. 1525), 5136.

President and Vice President: amend Constitution relative to election of (see S.J Res. 86), 7620.

Public lands: amend act relating to withdrawals from (see bill S. 2587), 18108

Small Business Act: amend to require publication of Government procurement solicitation (see bill S. 2469), 13338, 14666.

Unemployment: alleviate conditions in certain areas (see bill S. 722), 1171.

Unemployment insurance: grants to States (see bill S. 791), 1316.

Urban renewal: amend laws relating to (see bill S. 193), 790.

Veterans: amend code relative to NSLI policies (see bill S. 1113), 2629.

Veterans: period for granting national service life insurance to certain (see bill S 2675),18875.

Motions and resolutions offered by

American Dental Association: congratulations on anniversary (see S. Con. Res 7), 1259

American working men and women: tribute to (see S. Con. Res. 76), 18313.

FNMA mortgage exchange policy: not in national interest (see S. Res. 130), 10088

Frost, Robert: extend birthday greetings to (see S. Res. 95), 5162.

Health and research activities: strengthen world cooperation (see S. Res. 129), 10735.

Joint Committee on a National Fuels Policy: create (see S. Con. Res. 73), 16869.

Standing Rules of the Senate: amend relative to selection of conference committees (see S. Res. 118), 7970

Steel strike: favoring action by President in settlement of (see S. Con. Res. 69), 15595

White Fleet of Aid and Mercy: establish (see S. Con. Res. 66), 14270.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental relations: create, 8734, 18940-18946, 19305.

Des Plaines Refuge Area: land conveyance, 14595-15502, 15638, 15640, 15641, 15643, 15644, 15649,15652.

Distilled spirits destroyed by fire: tax refunds to States, 17113.

Federal-State relations, 8734

Harpers Perry National Monument: additional land acquisition, 18876.

Housing improvements bill: veto message, 13469.

Lighthouse Service pay bill, 19049.

McGee, Gale W.: commendation, 2746.

North Pole discovery: 50th anniversary, 5424.

Peary, Adm. Robert U.: North Pole discoverer, 5424

Polish women subjected to Nazi medical experiments, 8458

Ravensbrueck Lapins, 8458, 8459.

Wood molding imports, 16728.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 13156.

Committee of conference, 19305.

Committee on Government Operations, 14039, 14269.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY Votes.