The College Archives is organized by college department, unit, etc, and then by type or nature of material. Each major division has a record group number (CA##), while subdivisions are given a subgroup number(.##).  The following listing represents the intellectual arrangement of the Archives. All collections with records have a link to their online inventory, except those marked "[forthcoming]." Departments/units with no records in the Archives are listed without a link or the "[forthcoming]" tag.  Not all processed record groups are available for research because of access restrictions; see individual descriptions for more information.

Bates College Ready Reference Files

Bates People Files

Batesiana Subject Files

Board of Trustees

CA 01.01 Board of Trustees, Administrative Records

CA 01.02 Board of Trustees, Meeting Minutes

President's Office

CA 02.01 President's Office, General Records

CA 02.02 President's Office, Assistant to the President Records

CA 02.03 President's Office, Oren Burbank Cheney Records

CA 02.04 President's Office, George Colby Chase Records

CA 02.05 President's Office, Clifton Daggett Gray Records

CA 02.06 President's Office, Charles Franklin Phillips Records

CA 02.07 President's Office, Thomas Hedley Reynolds Records

CA 02.08 President's Office, Donald West Harward Records

CA 02.09 President's Office, Elaine Tuttle Hansen Records

CA 02.80 President's Office, Cobb Divinity School Records

CA 02.81 President's Office, Nichols Latin School Records

CA 02.82 President's Office, Maine State Seminary Records

CA 02.90 President's Office, Affirmative Action Office Records

CA 02.91 President's Office, Chaplain's Office Records

CA 02.92 President's Office, Institutional Planning and Analysis Records

CA 02.93 Vice President for External Affairs Records

CA 02.94 Dean of the College Records

CA 02.95 L/A Excels Records

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

CA 03.01 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, Meeting Minutes

CA 03.02 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, General Records

CA 03.04 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, Harward Center Records

CA 03.05 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, Museum of Art Records

CA 03.06 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, Registrar and Academic Systems Records

CA 03.07 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Office, Student Financial Services Records

Dean of Students

CA 04.01 Dean's Office, General Records

CA 04.02 Dean's Office, Health Center Records

CA 04.03 Dean's Office, Housing and Residence Life Records

CA 04.04 Dean's Office, Multicultural Center Records

CA 04.05 Dean's Office, Off-Campus Study Office Records

CA 04.06 Dean's Office, Security and Campus Safety Records

CA 04.07 Dean's Office, Student Activities Office Records

CA 04.08 Dean's Office, Career Services Records

CA 04.09 Dean's Office, Student Employment Office Records

Office of College Advancement

CA 05.01 Office of College Advancement, General Records

CA 05.02 Office of College Advancement, Communication and Media Relations Records

CA 05.03 Office of College Advancement, Alumni and Parent Programs Records

CA 05.04 Office of College Advancement, Sports Information Office Records

CA 05.05 Office of College Advancement, Deceased Alumni Files

CA 05.06 Office of College Advancement, Donor Programs

CA 05.10 Office of College Advancement, News Bureau Scrapbooks

CA 05.20 Office of College Advancement, Class Records

CA 05.21 Office of College Advancement, Alumni Clubs

Information and Library Services

CA 06.01 Information and Library Services, Ladd Library Records

CA 06.02 Information and Library Services, Information Services Records

CA 06.03 Information and Library Services, Muskie Archives & Special Collections Records

Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer

CA 07.01 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, General Records [forthcoming]

CA 07.02 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, College Bookstore Records

CA 07.03 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Dining Services Records

CA 07.04 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Human Resources Records

CA 07.05 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Physical Plant Records

CA 07.06 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Office Services Records

CA 07.10 Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Special Projects and Summer Programs Records


CA 08.01 Committees

Academic Departments and Interdisciplinary Programs

CA 09.01 Anthropology, Dept. of

CA 09.02 Art and Visual Culture, Dept. of

CA 09.03 Biology, Dept. of

CA 09.04 Chemistry, Dept. of

CA 09.05 Economics, Dept. of

CA 09.06 Education, Dept. of

CA 09.07 English, Dept. of

CA 09.08 Geology, Dept. of

CA 09.09 German and Russian Studies, Dept. of

CA 09.10 History, Dept. of

CA 09.11 Mathematics, Dept. of

CA 09.12 Music, Dept. of

CA 09.13 Philosophy and Religion, Dept. of

CA 09.14 Physical Education, Dept. of

CA 09.15 Physics and Astronomy, Dept. of

CA 09.16 Politics, Dept. of

CA 09.17 Psychology, Dept. of

CA 09.18 Romance Languages and Literatures, Dept. of

CA 09.19 Sociology, Dept. of [forthcoming]

CA 09.20 Theater and Rhetoric, Dept. of

CA 09.45 Forestry, Dept. of

CA 09.50 African American Studies

CA 09.51 American Cultural Studies

CA 09.52 Asian Studies

CA 09.53 Biological Chemistry

CA 09.54 Classical and Medieval Studies

CA 09.55 Environmental Studies

CA 09.56 Neuroscience

CA 09.57 Women and Gender Studies

CA 09.58 Cultural Heritage Program

Academic Support Services and Programs

CA 10.01 Bates Dance Festival Records

CA 10.02 Bates Language Resource Center Records

CA 10.03 Math and Statistics Workshop Records

CA 10.04 Writing Workshop Records

Dean of Admissions

CA 11.01 Dean of Admissions Office, General Records


CA 12.01 Faculty/Staff Organizations

CA 12.02 Student Organizations

CA 12.03 Student Publications

CA 12.04 Brooks Quimby Debate Council Records

CA 12.05 Bates Outing Club Records

CA 12.06 Modern Dance Company

CA 12.07 Bobcat Jazz Band

CA 12.08 Student Government

CA 12.09 Women's Resource Center

Athletics Department

CA 13.01 Athletics Department Records

Special Format Collections

Bates College Audio-Visual Collection

Bates College Oral Histories

Bates College Publications

Bates College Photograph Collection [forthcoming]

Bates College Photograph Album Collection [forthcoming]

Bates College Slide Collection [forthcoming]