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Do I need to submit my project to IRB?
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Based on your response(s) so far, it is likely that you will need to submit a proposal to the IRB.  However, you may qualify for exemptions in specific instances.  The general categories are:
  • Research involving normal educational practices
  • Research involving surveys, interviews, or observation of public behavior
  • Research involving collection or study of existing data or records
  • Research examining public benefit or service programs
  • Research involving taste or food quality evaluation or consumer acceptance studies

If the entirety of your research project meets the qualifications for an exemption, then you do not need to submit. If any portion of your project falls outside the exempt categories, then you still need to submit. Consult the following charts for more information about each category. 

If you know that none of these exemptions will apply, then skip to the information about how to submit your proposal to the IRB.


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