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Do I need to submit my project to IRB?
Step 1

This flowchart is designed to aid you in determining whether you should submit your proposal to the IRB.  These charts are necessarily generalizations and may not be specific enough for particular situations.  If you have any questions or doubts about how these apply to your project, please contact the chair of the IRB.

These flowcharts are based on the understanding that you will obtain consent from your participants either verbally or in writing.  Regardless of the outcome of this flowchart, it is typical best practice to obtain consent from your participants.  Even if your project does not require IRB approval, you may still use IRB resources related to obtaining consent.  Click here for a sample consent form. You may edit this sample consent form in any way you see fit.

For the following items, please click on the arrow that corresponds to your answer for each question.

Does your research involve biospecimens (blood, saliva, tissue, etc.)?


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the chair of the IRB.

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