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How do I submit my project to IRB?

The following information needs to be submitted to the chair of the IRB:

COMPLETED IRB Checklist (Click here to download.)

Cover sheet (Title of the project, researcher's email address, advisor's name, advisor's email address, if applicable.)

A summary of your project in no more than 150 words. 

(Check out a sample IRB proposal on our downloads page.)

Detailed description of the procedural section of the research proposal.

A reasonably complete sample of the test items, if applicable.

Consent form and script for obtaining informed consent.

(View consent form templates on our downloads page. )

Script for debriefing research participants. (Debriefing is required where there is either deception or incomplete disclosure of the purpose of the study. If these do not apply, debriefing is nevertheless encouraged for the learning opportunity a debriefing provides participants.)

Letter of permission from other institution(s) involved in the research, if applicable. Be aware that this does not replace the need to obtain consent from your participants.

If you have reason to believe that the risks involved in participating in your project will merit a full board review, please submit your information to the chair via email and let him or her know up front that your project will likely involve a full-board review. This will expedite your review process.  There are many circumstances requiring full-board review.  Some examples include having participants give blood, drink alcohol, etc.  If you are not sure if your project fits this description, you may contact the chair of the IRB.


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