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These files may be useful to you if you are submitting a proposal to the IRB or developing written material for your project.

IRB Checklist ·· Download here (PDF 44KB)

Sample Consent Page for lab-based and survey research ·· Download here (PDF 63KB)

Be aware that this consent form is provided as an example only and does not apply to all research studies. For example, you should not tell participants that information will be reported on a group basis if you plan on using direct quotes in your paper.  Similarly, you should not tell participants that the information will remain anonymous if you plan to report participants' names. Feel free to edit this consent text as needed.

Sample Consent Page for community-based research ·· Download here (PDF 15KB)

Alternatively, for community-based research projects, investigators may wish to consider modeling their consent form on this example. (Obviously Jane Doe's name and contact information should be replaced by the faculty adviser or lead investigator if he or she is faculty.)

Information to consider when writing consent forms, from Dr. Kenneth S. Pope

Sample IRB Proposal ·· Click to view

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the chair of the IRB.

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