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2014 Young Dancers Workshop Classes

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Modern (Griffin)

Breath, weight, effort, and ease – this class develops a supple and efficient moving body through focused floor and center work, followed by expansive phrase work. With a sense of amplitude, dancers engage with concepts of suspension and release, sequential articulation, rhythmic musicality, and dynamic presence. Dancers are encouraged to be bold as they stretch through space with increased connectivity and freedom of expression

Modern (Rogers)

In this class, we will focus on harnessing the imagination, specificity of the body in motion, and efficiency of movement to gain flexibility, strength and coordination. We willhonor traditional modern dance techniques but often with a twist – using familiar movement concepts in unfamiliar ways. We will concentrate on how to make bold, athletic, daring movement authentic and alive.  Combining improvisational scores, conventional classroom exercises and performance challenges, we will find dimensionality and agency while dancing. The movement material will relate to release techniques, yoga, contact improvisation and ballet. Above all, we'll have a great time!

Ballet (Tornay)

This class is designed to emphasize a physical understanding of the source of ballet technique. Through clear barre exercises students are encouraged to recognize their individual anatomy and learn how to practice ballet in a secure and effective way, placing a strong emphasis on epaulement (upper body) working in harmony with the rest of the body. Center exercises further develop an awareness of technique using tangible combinations that are designed to escalate in complexity, giving the dancer the substantial benefit of a classical ballet class.

Ballet (Mirk-Robles)

This class is designed to provide an understanding of body placement, the use of the skeleton, the influence of gravity through the body in a turned out position and the use of energy from the floor throughout the body in basic ballet. The barre is used to build strength and coordination. The center work introduces an organic relationship to direction and movement, along with an understanding of different movement qualities, such as fluidity in adage, suspension and sharpness in turns, and balon in small and big jumps.

Jazz  (Jones)

This class will begin with a center warm up emphasizing, isolations, stretching, core connection, a grounded center of gravity, proper alignment and coordination.  We will continue with traveling across the floor focusing on locomotor skills, level changes, qualities of movement and musicality.  Center combinations and phrase work will explore musicality and dynamics, personal expression, style, character development and performance skills.  Styles will include classical and contemporary jazz vocabulary as well as musical theater.

West African (Collins-Achille)

In this class we view dance as a tool for physical expression by emphasizing placement, ease of movement, rhythmic presence, and personal investigation. We differentiate and develop elements of traditional and contemporary West African dance and approach studio time as a way to establish a discipline of the body; working to identify a system of skeletal and muscular support while celebrating our individual bodies inside of community. 

Compositional Improvisation (Vail)

This class will build on the practice of being fully present—making conscious, spontaneous choices and composing in the moment. As we dwell in the questions and develop our relationship to the unknown, we will explore the ways in which improvisation hones, informs and empowers us as dancers and as people. Utilizing varying approaches for movement investigations, we will sharpen our attention and intention, moving towards a wider perspective of our selves, and our potential for movement invention and composition.

Modern Repertory (Neblett)

In this class we will create a new short work that offers students the opportunity to refine technique and artistry through a consistent rehearsal practice.Focus will be on artistic integrity and physicality that challenges the dancers in ways that promote risk taking through athleticism, emotional content and dynamic use of energy.  Mr. Neblett works with choreographic elements that he has developed through twenty years of creating diverse choreographies for Prometheus Dance. There will be a short performance of the piece as part of the final informal showing.

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