Seminar presentations

CBB hosted a one-day seminar, "Engaging Plagiarism: Theory and Practice," at Bowdoin College on 5 Mar 04. Links to Rebecca Moore Howard's and Chris Anson's presentations are now available. See the seminar's program for further details.

U of Utah considers Turnitin

The University of Utah is considering subscribing to Turnitin. The license would cost in the neighborhood if $15,000.

Even Microsoft plagiarizes

Microsoft lifts text from Google in a description of its own search engine, MSNBot. See MemoryBlog for the details.

Epidemic revisited

Citing Donald McCabe's survey, U of New Mexico sees local and national increase in plagiarism. Mercury News in turn reports that it's not clear if more people are cheating or more people are getting caught. U of Washington notes a drop in plagiarism cases. Faculty there emphasize instruction to discourage inadvertent plagiarism.

Turnitin: An "American absurdity"?

Alexander Berezin dismisses Turnitin as a typically American newfangled gimmick in an opinion letter in the CAUT Online.

The Student Assessment Handbook (2004)

Lee Dunn, Chris Morgan, Sharon Parry, and Meg O'Reilly, in The Student Assessment Handbook: New Directions in Traditional and Online Assessment (Routledge Falmer, 2004), include a discussion of plagiarism. For a brief notice, see

"Plague of plagiarism" revisited

The Globe and Mail reviews the problem of student plagiarism and cites two largely overlooked points: plagiarism detection services are pursued as cost effective alternatives to hiring more teachers or teaching assistants; and plagiarism is an outgrowth of the increasing tendency to view education as a service industry.

Plagiarism Proofing Your Assignments for the Sciences

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Seri Rudolph has drawn on various online resources in developing a set of strategies and suggestions for creating plagiarism resistant assignments in science courses. For a list of those resources, see below

General strategies for the Classroom

More on this topic can be found at some of the web sites listed at the end of this document

1. Go ahead and talk about it. Faculty may disagree about what constitutes plagiarism, so your students need to hear it from you.

Plagiarism numbers consistent @ MIT

Contrary to most accounts of student plagiarism, MIT reports that cases of academic dishonesty on campus have remained consistent over the years.