Plagiarism threatens integrity of Australian HE

A plagiarism scandal jeopardizes Newcastle University's reputation and threatens Australia's higher education industry.

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Integrity of Australian Education

Had those persons responsible for the governance of quality at Newcastle not overturned the lecturer's original mark, the current unfortunate situation would not have arisen. If the ICAC confirms what we all suspect, these guys should be given their marching orders. Sacked. Not resignations. In the bigger picture, it is Australian universities forming partnerships with offshore providers that sets the universities up for the fall. Of course, it will do damage. And this situation will be repeated unless universities: (a) Stop jumping into bed with any merchant willing to to sell its courses overseas. (b) Tighten entry standards. (c) Come down hard on plagiarism and other cheating. (d) Read Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act. (e) Realise they are educators not retailers. If a university shows itself incapable of managing its own operations, maybe, the campuses should be transferred under another institution, and, the executive dismissed. Would Dr Nelson have the strength to leglislate to take this action? Australia can best protect its reputation with heavy penalties for student plagiarism and career ending punishments against academics, who cover-up plagriary and award bogus marks.

Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor step down

In the wake of this plagiarism scandal, the university's top two officers have resigned.