]> Plagiarism Resource Site - Exercise http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/?q=taxonomy/term/23/0 en Taking on plagiarism http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/?q=node/284 In <a href="http://slate.msn.com/id/2127365/">Slate</a> an NYU journalism professor describes how he combats student plagiarism. Ethics Exercise General Mon, 03 Oct 2005 16:05:31 -0400 Interactive tutorials http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/?q=node/97 The Engineering Communication Centre at the University of Toronto has produced a pair of single example interactive tutorials. <a href="http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~writing/interactive-plagiarismtest.html">The Plagiarism Self-Test</a> tests your ability to recongize plagiarism, and <a href="http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~writing/interactive-docum.html">Documentation: Why?</a> introduces students to the academic practice of documentation. Exercise Tutorial Wed, 25 Feb 2004 10:23:00 -0500 What is plagiarism? http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/?q=node/60 <p><img src="http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/images/head500.jpg" /></p> <p>We've gathered together a number of resources to help faculty and students alike get their bearings on the subject in general and this resource site in particular. </p> <p><b><a href="./quiz/intro/integrity.html">Introduction</a></b></p> <p>We've produced a basic <a href="./quiz/intro/integrity.html">primer</a> on academic honesty and plagiarism. This is a good place to begin to understand what exactly is meant by plagiarism and what kinds of practices, intentional or inadvertent, constitute it.</p> <p><b><a href="http://leeds.bates.edu/cbb/?q=node/41">Bibliography</a></b></p> Exercise Tutorial Fri, 07 Nov 2003 10:58:26 -0500