New plagiarism scandal @ Newcastle Uni

"Newcastle University has confirmed the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is investigating a student's claim that English-language exams were sold to overseas students."

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Deputy V-C "disappointed"

The deputy Vice Chancellor of Newcastle University, Professor Brian English, "sadly disappointed by the investigation into the handling of plagiarism by foreign business school students." See:

"Investigation under a cloud"

"An academic commissioned to run an independent investigation into how the University of Newcastle handled plagiarism allegations was a friend of the Newcastle professor who recommended him for the job, a corruption inquiry has heard."

Brian English

I have known Brian English for a very long time and agree that he got the rough end of the pineapple. He is a man of intregity and honest as the day is long. He stood his ground and faced the judgement. He has not lost face in my eyes but become a greater man for his actions. I just wish that there were more men in this world with his grit. M.Hughston.

Lessons learned?

For an upbeat interpretation of Newcastle's scandal, see ABC News Online.