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[The Administration]

The Library

Eugene Lee Wiemers (1994), B.A., Macalester; M.A., Chicago; M.S., Illinois; Ph.D., Chicago Librarian

Paula Diane Matthews (1978), B.A., M.A., Oberlin; M.A. in L.S., Iowa Associate Librarian

Mary Elizabeth Atchison (1966), B.A., Trinity (Vermont); M.L.S., Pratt Catalog Librarian

LaVerne Paipolas Winn (1976), B.A., M.S., M.S. in L.S., Illinois Science Reference Librarian

Thomas Ames Hayward (1976), B.A., Harvard; M.A., Maine; M.L.S., Rutgers Humanities Reference Librarian

Sandra Lee Groleau (1972), B.A., Edinboro State; M.L.S., Maine Documents Librarian

Laura Ann Juraska (1983), B.A., Wisconsin; P.M.C., M.L.S., Indiana Social Sciences Reference Librarian

Sharon Kramer Saunders (1990), B.F.A., Carnegie-Mellon; M.A., M.L.S., Pittsburgh Non-Book Catalog Librarian

John Charles Harrison (1996), B.A., M.L.I.S., Texas Acquisitions Librarian

Kurt Frederick Kuss (1997), B.A., M.L.S., Maryland Special Collections Librarian

Maryann Hight (1998), B.A., M.L.S., Indiana Instructional Services Librarian

Andrew William White (1999), B.A., State University of New York (Buffalo); M.A., M.L.S., Indiana Systems Librarian

Anne Brown Dunbar (1976), L.T.A., Westbrook Acquisitions Assistant

James Albert Lamontagne (1977), B.A., St. Francis Catalog Assistant

Janice Ruth Lee (1981), B.Mus., Northwestern Audio Assistant

Renee Spring Phelan (1982), B.A., Bowdoin Documents Assistant

Pamela Bubier (1985) Preservation Assistant

Gilbert Emile Marcotte (1985), B.A., Holy Cross; M.D., Boston University Public Services Assistant

Margaret Anne Gardner (1986), R.T., St. Mary's Hospital Catalog Services Assistant

Rachel Claire Jacques (1990) Assistant to the Librarian

Carole Anne Parker (1990), B.A., Southern Maine Acquisitions Assistant

Julie Ann Retelle (1991), B.A., Salem State; M.L.S., South Carolina Head of Circulation

Elaine Morrill Ardia (1992), B.A., Eastern College Interlibrary Loan Assistant

Susan L. MacArthur (1994), B.A., Allegheny; M.L.S., State University of New York (Buffalo) Catalog Assistant

Judith Lee Hansen (1994), B.A., St. Michael's College; M.L.S., South Carolina Public Services Assistant

Brenda Denise Reynolds (1995) Public Services Assistant

Melissa A. Gilmartin (1998), B.A., Minnesota; M.A., Massachusetts Public Services Assistant

The Administration

Office of the President

Donald W. Harward, Ph.D. President

Katharine Frances Stevens Secretary to the President

Claire B. Schmoll Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Joyce I. Caron Secretary, Office of the President

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Jill N. Reich, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Ann Besser Scott, Ph.D. Associate Dean of the Faculty; Charles A. Dana Professor of Music

Kerry Anne O'Brien, M.A. Assistant Dean of the Faculty

Sheila McFadden Sylvester Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Janet Diane Bureau Secretary to the Dean

Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer

Peter C. Fackler, M.B.A., C.P.A. Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer of the Corporation

Marie S. Hastings Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer

Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services

William C. Hiss, Ph.D. Vice President for Administrative Services

Laura Myrand Secretary to the Vice President

Office of the Dean of Students

F. Celeste Branham, M.P.A. Dean of Students

Mary E. Gravel Secretary to the Dean and Office Manager

Stephen Weld Sawyer, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Students

Doris J. Vincent Secretary to the Dean

James Lorenzo Reese, B.A. Associate Dean of Students

Jeannine M. Ferron Secretary to the Dean

Peter H. Taylor, M.Ed. Associate Dean of Students

Holly L. Gurney, Ph.D. Assistant Dean of Students

Donna Watson Secretary to the Dean

Keith M. Tannenbaum, M.A. Assistant Dean of Students

Claire D. Lavallee Secretary to the Dean

Erin Foster, B.A. Coordinator of Housing and Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities<

Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

Victoria M. Devlin, B.A. Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

Kathleen A. Arsenault Administrative Assistant to the Vice President

Dennis T. Brown, B.A. Director of Major and Planned Giving

Sean P. Campbell, B.A. Major Gifts Officer

Andrea L. Doucette, B.A. Donor Relations Coordinator

Lysanne R. Doucette Production Coordinator

Gina M. D'Allesantro, B.A. Annual Giving Coordinator

Lori M. Eastman, B.A. Director of Annual Giving

Elizabeth L. Ferguson, B.A. Planned Giving Officer

Rosalyn A. Hines, J.D. Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Susan E. Hubley, B.A. Researcher

Jill C. Mackey, B.A. Assistant Director of Operations and Services/Information Management

Scott R. Marchildon, B.A. Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Elizabeth O. Nash, B.A. Director of Cultivation and Stewardship

Julie E. Phillips, M.A. Major Gifts Officer

Robert L. Pallone, M.A. Director of Operations

Scott E. Steinberg, M.B.A. Director of Alumni Relations

Christina Wellington Traister, B.A. Associate Director of Annual Giving

Paul K. Wason, Ph.D. Director of Foundations and Corporations

Office of the Dean of the College

James Walter Carignan, Ph.D. Dean of the College

Christopher Merriman Beam, Ph.D. Director of the Edmund S. Muskie Archives

Elizabeth K. Sheppard, B.A. Director of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Margaret R. Rotundo, B.A. Associate Director of the Center for Service-Learning

David D. DeBlois, B.A. Assistant Director of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Maria Lynn Libby, B.A. Environmental Coordinator

Laura J. Biscoe, B.A. Volunteer Coordinator

Sylvia Mary Deschaine Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Rebecca L. Lelansky Secretary, Office of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Martha S. Deschaines, B.A. Secretary, Center for Service-Learning

Office of Accounting and Budget

Terry J. Beckmann, M.B.A., C.P.A. Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs and Controller

Natalie Williamson, M.B.A., C.P.A. Assistant Controller

Joan L. Champagne, B.S. Accounts Receivable Manager

Susan N. Dionne Accounts Payable Manager

Edouard G. Plourde, B.A. Budget Manager

Melissa M. Gilbert, B.S. Staff Accountant

Office of Admissions

Wylie L. Mitchell, B.A. Dean of Admissions

Kim Ma Gustafson, B.A. Associate Dean of Admissions

Virginia E. Harrison, B.A. Associate Dean of Admissions

Carmita L. McCoy, M.S. Associate Dean of Admissions

Katie R. Moran, B.A. Associate Dean of Admissions

Adam J. Garcia, J.D. Assistant Dean of Admissions and Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Karen M. Kothe, M.A. Assistant Dean of Admissions

J. Reese Madden, Jr., B.A. Assistant Dean of Admissions

Linda A. Mitchell, B.S. Assistant Dean of Admissions

Lawrence M. Epstein, B.A. Admissions Counselor

Cathy L. McQuarrie Office Manager

Office of Affirmative Action

Joanna E. Lee, M.A. Director of Affirmative Action

Carmen L. Nadeau Assistant to the Director of Affirmative Action

Office of the Director of Athletics

Suzanne R. Coffey, B.A. Director of Athletics

Janice K. Beaudoin Department Business Manager

Alfred W. Brown, M.A. Coach of Men's Lacrosse and Golf

Timothy M. Byram, B.A. Interim Coach of Volleyball

Carol B. Carpentier Administrative Assistant to the Director

Carolyn A. Court, M.S. Coach of Women's Cross Country and Track

Jeffery K. Comissiong, B.S. Assistant Coach of Football and Track

Albert M. Fereshetian, Jr., B.S. Coach of Men's Cross Country and Track

George E. Finn, B.S., A.T.C. Assistant Director of Athletics; Director of Sports Medicine

Paul Gastonguay, B.A. Coach of Men's Tennis and Squash

Marsha A. Graef, M.A. Assistant Director of Athletics; Coordinator of Physical Education,

Club Sports, and Intramurals

Mark Harriman, B.S. Coach of Football

Winifred Hohlt, M.S. Coach of Field Hockey and Women's Lacrosse

John Illig, B.A. Coach of Women's Tennis and Squash

Gwen L. Lexow, Ph.D. Coach of Softball; Assistant Coach of Volleyball

Eric A. Mackey, B.S. Coach of Alpine Skiing; Assistant Coach of Men's Soccer

Jonathan S. Miller, B.S. Assistant Coach of Rowing

Dana M. Mulholland, M.S.Ed. Associate Director of Athletics; Coach of Swimming and Diving

James P. Murphy, M.A. Coach of Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball

Holly Politis, B.S., A.T.C. Athletic Trainer

George S. Purgavie, M.S. Coach of Men's Soccer; Assistant Coach of Baseball

Joseph P. Reilly, M.B.A. Coach of Men's Basketball; Assistant Coach of Women's Soccer

Richard J. Ruggieri, B.S. Coach of Rowing

Craig Vandersea, B.S. Coach of Baseball; Assistant Coach of Football

Michael N. Verville, B.S., A.T.C. Athletic Trainer

Jeffrey Vartabedian, M.Ed Assistant Coach of Football and Men's Lacrosse

Steven M. Vashel, M.Ed. Assistant Coach of Football

Rebecca F. Woods, B.A. Coach of Nordic Skiing; Assistant Coach of Field Hockey

Bates College Coastal Center at Shortridge and Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area

Judith Marden Bergevin, B.A. Director

Office of Career Services

A. Charles Kovacs, M.A. Director

Karen Daigler, M.A. Assistant Director

Jessica Tracy, M.Ed. Assistant Director

Nancy Foushee Assistant Director

Michael Wisnewsky, M.Ed. Assistant Director

Christine Tanous Receptionist/Office Manager

Alice E. Sanborn Credentials Coordinator/Project Administrator

Jennifer R. Davis-Tanous, B.S. Technology/Career Information Coordinator

Eileen Wilkins, B.A. Recruiting Coordinator

Office of the College Chaplain

Kerry A. Maloney, M.Div. College Chaplain

William Cutler, M.Div. Associated Chaplain

Christopher Laroche, M.Div. Associated Chaplain

Office of College Relations

Bryan McNulty, B.A. Director of College Relations

Ann M. Parks, B.F.A. Manager of Design Services

Tammy M. Roy Caron, B.F.A. Senior Designer

Henry J. Burns, Jr., A.B. Editor, Bates Magazine

Phyllis Graber Jensen, M.S. Staff Writer

Marc Glass, B.A. Staff Writer

Ronald L. Meldrum, B.A. Systems Coordinator

Adam Levin, B.A. Sports Information Director

Jennifer M. Cote, B.F.A. Designer

Carol S. Wyse-Ricker Secretary

College Store

Sarah E. Potter, B.A. Director of the Contracting Office and the College Store

Rebecca Lovett, B.A. Assistant Bookstore Manager

L.K. Gagnon, B.A. Textbook Manager

Dining Services

Robert P. Volpi, B.S. Director of Dining Services

Christine Schwartz, B.S. Associate Director of Dining Services

Cheryl Lacey, B.A. Service and Catering Manager

Bradford L. Slye, A.C.A. Executive Chef

Health Service

Christy P. Tisdale, R.N.C., M.S.N., M.S.Ed., A.N.P. Director; Nurse Practitioner

Betty Kennedy, M.D. Clinic Physician

Sally Beck, R.N.L., M.S.N., A.P.R.N. Nurse Practitioner

Eric Griffey, M.D. Consultant in Psychiatry

Wayne Moody, M.D. Consultant in Orthopedics

Paul Cain, M.D. Consultant in Orthopedics

David Brown, M.D. Consultant in Orthopedics

Margaret Daros, L.C.S.W., L.S.A.C. Counselor

Andrea Eusden, L.C.S.W. Counselor

Thomas B. Johnson, Jr., Ed.D. Psychologist

Dale McGee, L.C.S.W., L.S.A.C. Counselor

Linda A. Meier, M.S., L.C.P.C., L.M.F.T. Counselor

Paula Marcus Platz, L.C.S.W. Counselor

Katrine Scholl, L.C.S.W. Counselor

June Thorton-Marsh, L.C.S.W. Counselor

Adelaide Trafton, R.N., M.S.N. Counselor

Beverly Daley, R.N. Staff Nurse

Margaret Leonard, R.N.C. Staff Nurse

Donna M. Morin, R.N.C. Staff Nurse

Carole A. Quinn, R.N. Staff Nurse

Bernard J. Vigna, R.N. Staff Nurse

Jane Zocchi, M.P.H., R.N.C. Staff Nurse

Cynthia Visbaras, R.N.C., M.Ed. Health Educator

Margaret Ashton Secretary/Receptionist

Doris Ducharme Insurance Coordinator

Office of Human Resources

Christopher D. Lee, Ph.D. Director of Human Resources

Deirdre M. Buffington, M.P.A. Payroll and Benefits Manager

Melani G. McGuire, B.S. Compensation/HRIS Manager

Amanda DeShong, M.S. Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator

Lucille M. Ward, A.B.S. Administrative Assistant to the Director

Information Services

James Frederick Bauer, B.S. Director for Infrastructure

Bernadette Marie Kenney, B.A. Director for Integrated Applications

Linda Darlene Spugnardi, M.A. Director for User Assistance

Eugene Lee Wiemers, Ph.D. Librarian

Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis

James C. Fergerson, M.A. Director

Sarah Jane Bernard, M.L.I.S. Enrollment Analyst

C. Ellen Peters, M.Ed. Assistant Director for Institutional Research

Office of Multicultural Affairs

Czerny Brasuell, M.Ed. Director

The Bates College Museum of Art

Genetta McLean, Ph.D. Director/Curator

William H. Low, M.A. Assistant Curator

Anthony Shostak, B.F.A. Education Coordinator

The Edmund S. Muskie Archives

Christopher Merriman Beam, Ph.D. Director

Ralph Rodney Perkins, Jr., A.A.S. Technical Assistant

Office Services

Laurie H. Henderson Director of Office Services

Physical Plant

Patricia C. Murphy, B.S. Director of Physical Plant

Robert G. Leavitt, B.S. Maintenance Services Coordinator

Office of the Registrar and Student Financial Services

Meredith Horton Braz, M.A.T. Registrar and Director of Student Financial Services

Leigh P. Campbell, B.A. Director of Financial Aid

Joan L. Champagne Accounts Receivable Manager

Wendy G. Glass, B.A. Associate Director of Financial Aid

Mary Katherine Meserve, B.A. Associate Registrar

Sarah Jane Bernard, M.L.I.S. Enrollment Analyst

Adam J. Garcia, J.D. Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Assistant Dean of Admissions

Jessica L. Bernier, B.A. Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Annette Laneuville Student Records Coordinator

Anita J. Farnum Student Records Specialist

Anne Marie Odom Student Records Specialist

Sharon L. Bell Student Services Specialist

Elaine Marie Caouette Student Services Specialist

Nancy Lepage Student Services Specialist

Office of Security and Campus Safety

Larry Johnson, M.S. Director

* Sherri L. Brooks Associate Director

Ronald P. Lessard, A.A. Assistant Director

The Writing Workshop

Joyce H. Seligman, M.A. Director

* James C. Austin, Ph.D. Assistant in Instruction

Maria C. Boza, M.F.A. Assistant in Instruction

Margaret Fisher, M.A. Assistant in Instruction

Seri G. Rudolph, Ph.D. Assistant in Instruction

Richard L. Wile, M.A. Assistant in Instruction

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