The material on this page is from the 1997-98 catalog and may be out of date. Please check the current year's catalog for current information.


Students may choose to major in an established interdisciplinary program supported by faculty committees or to design an independent interdisciplinary major. Established programs include: African American studies, American cultural studies, biological chemistry, classical and medieval studies, environmental studies, neuroscience, and women's studies. Students should consult the directors of these programs for information about requirements and theses.

Students undertaking independent interdisciplinary majors should consult the section in the catalog on the Academic Program (see p. 13). Independent interdisciplinary majors are supported by the Committee on Curriculum and Calendar and students should consult the Committee Chair for information about requirements and theses. Thesis work may be designed departmentally or, where more appropriate, by the following interdisciplinary course:


457, 458. Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis. Independent study and writing of a major research paper in the area of the student's interdisciplinary major, supervised by an appropriate faculty member. Students register for Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis 457 in the fall semester and for Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis 458 in the winter semester. Interdisciplinary majors writing an honors thesis register for both Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis 457 and 458. Staff.

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