The material on this page is from the 1995-96 catalog and may be out of date. Please check the current year's catalog for current information.

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Eugene Lee Wiemers, Jr. (1994), B.A., Macalester; M.A., Chicago; M.S., Illinois; Ph.D., ChicagoLibrarian
Paula Diane Matthews (1978), B.A., M.A., Oberlin; M.A. in L.S., IowaAssociate Librarian
Mary Maguire Riley (1958), B.A., Maine; M.L.S., SimmonsSpecial Collections Librarian
Mary Elizabeth Atchison (1966), B.A., Trinity (Vermont); M.L.S., PrattCatalog Librarian
LaVerne Paipolas Winn (1976), B.A., M.S., M.S. in L.S., IllinoisScience Reference Librarian
Thomas Ames Hayward (1976), B.A., Harvard; M.A., Maine; M.L.S., RutgersHumanities Reference Librarian
Sandra Lee Groleau (1972), B.A., Edinboro State; M.L.S., MaineDocuments Librarian
Laura Ann Juraska (1983), B.A., Wisconsin; P.M.C., M.L.S., IndianaSocial Sciences Reference Librarian
Katherine Kott (1988), B.A., M.S.L.S., Wayne StateAutomated Services Librarian
Sharon Kramer Saunders (1990), B.F.A., Carnegie-Mellon; M.A., M.L.S., PittsburghNon-Book Catalog Librarian
Victoria J. Medaglia (1992), B.A., Mount Holyoke; M.L.S., SUNY (Albany)Serials Librarian
Anne Brown Dunbar (1976), L.T.A., WestbrookSerials Assistant
James Albert Lamontagne (1977), B.A., St. FrancisCatalog Assistant
Janice Ruth Lee (1981), B.Mus., Northwestern Audio Assistant
Renee Spring Phelan (1982), B.A., BowdoinDocuments Assistant
Pamela Bubier (1985)Preservation Assistant
Gilbert Emile Marcotte (1985), B.A., Holy Cross; M.D., Boston University Public Services Assistant
Margaret Anne Gardner (1986), R.T., St. Mary's HospitalCatalog Services Assistant
Rachel Claire St. Pierre (1990) Assistant to the Librarian
Carole Anne Parker (1990), B.A., Southern MaineAcquisitions Assistant
Julie Ann Retelle (1991), B.A., Salem StateHead of Circulation
Elaine Morrill Ardia (1992), B.A., Eastern College Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Judith L. Hansen (1994), B.A., St. Michael'sPublic Services Assistant
Susan L. MacArthur (1994), B.A., Allegheny; M.L.S., SUNY (Buffalo) Acting Acquisitions Librarian
Steven H. Abbott (1994), B.A., BatesPublic Services Assistant
David Owen Carpenter (1994), B.A., BatesTechnical Services Assistant

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