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[The Graduate Honor Societies]

Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma Chapter of Maine
President, Jane T. Costlow, 104 Fourth Street, Auburn 04210; Vice President, Mark D. Semon, 176 Mathison Road, Lavina, MT 59046; Secretary-Treasurer, Douglas I. Hodgkin, 9 Sutton Place, Lewiston 04240.

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Southern Maine Club
President, Bonnie J. Shulman, 204 College Street, Lewiston 04240; Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Wason, 2 Class Street, Lewiston 04240.

College Key (formed by merger of the Bates Key and the College Club)
President, Leigh A. Graham '82, 73 Williston Road, Auburndale, Massachusetts 02166-2219; Vice-President, Henri L. Sans, Jr. '73, 144 Lawrence Street, Gardner, Massachusetts 01440-2363; Treasurer, Felicia A. Garant '82, 401 Cumberland Avenue, Portland, Maine 04101; Corresponding Secretary, Gene Taylor '56, Torrington Point, Peaks Island, Maine 04108; Recording Secretary, Melissa J. Weisstuch '82, 7 Lake Street, Apt. 8-S, White Plains, New York 10603; Auditor, Jane Parsons Norris '46, 93 Field Avenue, Auburn 04210-4522; Immediate Past President, Grant C. Reynolds '57, 10909 Rock Run Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854-1751

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