The material on this page is from the 2000-01 catalog and may be out of date. Please check the current year's catalog for current information.

[The Trustees]

The Board of Fellows

Donald W. Harward, Ph.D., President; ex officio Lewiston, Maine
James Leander Moody, Jr., B.A.; Chair Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Roger Clayton Schmutz, M.S.; Secretary of the Corporation Bailey Island, Maine
David Oliver Boone, B.A. Westlake, Ohio
James Francis Callahan, Jr., M.B.A. Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Richard Francis Coughlin, M.B.A. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Ernest Henry Ern, Ph.D. Charlottesville, Virginia
Barry Allan Greenfield, M.B.A. Delray Beach, Florida
Burton Michael Harris, LL.B. Swampscott, Massachusetts
William Steven Holt, M.D. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
M. Patricia Morse, Ph.D., D.Sc. Friday Harbor, Washington
James Finley Orr III, M.B.A., D.S.B.A. Falmouth, Maine
Catharine Roslyn Stimpson, Ph.D., LL.D. New York, New York
Victoria Aghababian Wicks, M.B.A. Westfield, New Jersey
Joseph Timothy Willett, M.B.A. London, United Kingdom
Lynn Willcox Willsey, B.A. Glastonbury, Connecticut


Weston Leonard Bonney, M.B.A. Portland, Maine
Frank Morey Coffin, LL.B., LL.D. South Portland, Maine
John Andrew Kenney, Jr., M.D., D.Sc. Washington, D.C.
E. Robert Kinney, B.A., LL.D. Wayzata, Minnesota
Lincoln Filene Ladd, M.A. Wayne, Maine
Vincent Lee McKusick, M.S., LL.B., LL.D., L.H.D. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Helen Antonette Papaioanou, M.D., D.Sc. Grosse Pointe City, Michigan
Donald Paul Richter, LL.B. Manchester, Connecticut
Elizabeth Winston Scott, B.A. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Jeannette Packard Stewart, B.A. East Hartford, Connecticut
Frederick Giles Taintor, J.D., LL.B. Scarborough, Maine
Robert George Wade, Jr., B.A. Darien, Connecticut
Frank Paul Wendt, B.S. Southport, Connecticut

The Board of Overseers

Clark Alton Griffith, Chair
Karen Ann Harris, Secretary

Term Expires in 2001

* David Leigh Foster, M.A. New York, New York
Clark Alton Griffith, B.S. South Carver, Massachusetts
Thomas Andrew Renyi, M.B.A. Wyckoff, New Jersey
* Beatrijs Stikkers-Muller, M.P.A. The Hague, Netherlands

Term Expires in 2002

* Joseph Mitchell Barsky III, M.B.A. Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Ann Elizabeth Bushmiller, J.D. Washington, D.C.
Karen Ann Harris, M.B.A. South Portland, Maine
David Winfield Parmelee, M.B.A. West Hartford, Connecticut
* Deborah Thyng Schmidt, M.A. Longmont, Colorado

Term Expires in 2003

Jeanne Dell'Osso Cohen, M.A. San Francisco, California
* Colin Matthew Fuller, M.D. Verdi, Nevada
Bryant Charles Gumbel, B.A., L.H.D., LL.D. New York, New York
* Linda Gramatky Smith, B.A. Westport, Connecticut
Bruce Edward Stangle, M.S., Ph.D. Belmont, Massachusetts

Term Expires in 2004

J. Michael Chu, B.A. New Canaan, Connecticut
* Susan J. Doliner, B.A. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
* Joseph Herbert Matzkin, J.D. Newton, Massachusetts
Carole Browe Segal Winnetka, Illinois
E. Ward Smith, M.B.A. New York, New York

Term Expires in 2005

* Geraldine M. FitzGerald, B.A. New York, New York
David John MacNaughton, J.D. Bronxville, New York
Ann Mendelson Myer, M.B.A. Los Angeles, California
* Jeffrey Deane Sturgis, M.S.Ed. Minot, Maine


Lewis Winfield Davis, B.S. Auburn, Maine
Irving Isaacson, LL.B. Auburn, Maine
Paul Ross Libbey, B.A. Lewiston, Maine
Jane Parsons Norris, B.A. Auburn, Maine
Damon Mitchell Stetson, M.S. Cape Elizabeth, Maine
* By Nomination of the Alumni Association

Committees of the Boards, 2000–2001

Executive: President, Chair, D.O. Boone, J. F. Callahan, Jr., R.F. Coughlin, E.H. Ern, B.A. Greenfield, C. A. Griffith, B.M. Harris, W.S. Holt, J. L. Moody, Jr., M. P. Morse, J.F. Orr III, R.C. Schmutz, E.W. Smith, V.A. Wicks, J. T. Willett

Academic Affairs: M.P. Morse, Chair, C.R. Stimpson, Vice Chair, J.D. Cohen, E.H. Ern, C.A. Griffith, B.C. Gumbel, K.A. Harris, W.S. Holt, D.J. MacNaughton, J.L. Moody, Jr., A. M. Myer, J.F. Orr III, President, D.T. Schmidt, B. Stikkers-Muller, V.A. Wicks

Admissions, Financial Aid, and College Relations: D.O. Boone, Chair, J.M. Barsky III, Vice Chair, S.J. Doliner, D.L. Foster, C.M. Fuller, B.C. Gumbel, K.A. Harris, W.S. Holt, J.H. Matzkin, President, D.T. Schmidt, B.E. Stangle, J.T. Willett, L.W. Willsey

Audit: E.W. Smith, Chair, D.J. MacNaughton, Vice Chair, J F. Callahan, Jr., B.A. Greenfield, D.W. Parmelee

Board Governance: J.L. Moody, Jr., Chair, W.S. Holt, Vice Chair, J.M. Chu, J.D. Cohen, R.F. Coughlin, E.H. Ern, C.A. Griffith, B.M. Harris, K.A. Harris, J.F. Orr III, President, T.A. Renyi, R.C. Schmutz, C.R. Stimpson, V.A. Wicks, J.T. Willett

Budget: J.F. Callahan, Jr., Chair, D.L. Foster, Vice Chair, R.F. Coughlin, B.A. Greenfield, J.L. Moody, Jr., A.M. Myer, President, R.C. Schmutz, E.W. Smith, B. Stikkers-Muller, V.A. Wicks, J.T. Willett

Co-curricular Life: V.A. Wicks, Chair, L.W. Willsey, Vice Chair, A.E. Bushmiller, J.F. Callahan, Jr., S.J. Doliner, C.M. Fuller, J.H. Matzkin, L.G. Smith, B.E. Stangle

Development: J.T. Willett, Chair, B.E. Stangle, Vice Chair, J.M. Barsky III, D.O. Boone, J.F. Callahan, Jr., J.M. Chu, R.F. Coughlin, S.J. Doliner, B.A. Greenfield, B.M. Harris, K.A. Harris, D.J. MacNaughton, J.L. Moody, Jr., A. M. Myer, J.F. Orr III, D.W. Parmelee, President, T.A. Renyi, R.C. Schmutz, E.W. Smith, L.G. Smith, W. Willsey

Grounds and Buildings: R.F. Coughlin, Chair, W.S. Holt, Vice Chair, D.O. Boone, S.J. Doliner, C.A. Griffith, D.J. MacNaughton, A.M. Myer, President, J.T. Willett

Investment: B.A. Greenfield, Chair, J. M. Chu, Vice Chair, J.M. Barsky III, D.L. Foster, C.M. Fuller, B.M. Harris, K.A. Harris, D.J. MacNaughton, J.L. Moody, Jr., D.W. Parmelee, President, T.A. Renyi, Smith, B. E. Stangle, L. W. Willsey

Legal Affairs: B.M. Harris, Chair, A.E. Bushmiller, Vice Chair, J.H. Matzkin, D.W. Parmelee, T.A. Renyi, President

Student Affairs: E.H. Ern, Chair, D.T. Schmidt, Vice Chair, J.M. Barsky III, A.E. Bushmiller, J.M. Chu, C.M. Fuller, C.A. Griffith, B.C. Gumbel, D.J. MacNaughton, J.H. Matzkin, M.P. Morse, A.M. Myer, President, L.G. Smith, B. Stikkers-Muller, C.R. Stimpson, L.W. Willsey

Technology, Academic Facilities, and Program Support: C.A. Griffith, Chair, D.W. Parmelee, Vice Chair, A.E. Bushmiller, J.D. Cohen, S.J. Doliner, M.P. Morse, T.A. Renyi, E.W. Smith, L.G. Smith, B. Stikkers-Muller

ad hoc Committee Regarding Tenure Appeals: E.H. Ern, M.P. Morse, L.W. Willsey

ad hoc Committee Regarding Honorary Degree Nominations: President, Chair, D.L. Foster, C.M. Fuller, K.A. Harris, M.P. Morse, C.R. Stimpson

ad hoc Committee on LA Excels Strategic Initiatives: D.O. Boone, A.E. Bushmiller, D.L. Foster, C.A. Griffith, J.L. Moody, Jr., A.M. Myer, D.W. Parmelee, R.C. Schmutz, E.W. Smith, L.G. Smith, B.E. Stangle, L.W. Willsey

Representatives of the Boards, 2000-2001

Bates–Morse Mountain Corporation Trustees: President, R. C. Schmutz

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