Bates Support Network for Survivors of Sexual Violence

Many campus and community options are available to those members of the Bates community who experience rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment. The school has a legal obligation to notify students, faculty and staff of a reported incident of stranger rape or assault, but the anonymity of the victim will be protected. Though different members of the support network specialize in certain areas, each will provide referrals to any other person or organization as appropriate.

Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SACC) 795-2211

A 24-hour rape crisis hotline is available to provide information, referrals and support. Advocates will, if desired, meet the victim at the hospital while she/he received medical care and evidence is collected. SACC advocates are specially trained to outline reporting options and are available for crisis and follow-up counseling.

Health Center 786-6199

All survivors of rape and sexual assault should seek prompt medical attention, whether or not wounds are evident. The Health Center can provide medical care as well as supportive, confidential counseling. An on-going support group for survivors of sexual violence is also available.

Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) 795-0111

CMMC can provide medical attention to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. CMMC can also collect evidence for use in later criminal proceedings. This evidence will not be released without the victimıs consent.

Dean of Students Office 786-6222

The Deans can outline the options available to victims both through the college and through local authorities. The victim may choose to either adjudicate the case or to place the perpetratorıs name on record in the event future complaints from other victims are received.


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