Whatıs the truth about sexual harassment?

Myth Sexual harassment is harmless. Those who object to it have no sense of humor.

Fact Harassment is humiliating and degrading. It undermines school careers and often threatens economic livelihood. No one should have to endure such humiliation.

Myth Women invite sexual harassment by their behavior and/or dress.

Fact Sexual harassment is hostility and power expressed in a sexual manner. Everyone has the right to act and dress as they wish without being harassed.

Myth If a person ignores sexual harassment, it will go away.

Fact No, it wonıt. Usually the harasser is a repeat offender who will not stop voluntarily. Ignoring it may be seen as a sign of assent or encouragement.

Myth Sexual harassment only affects a few people.

Fact While not all men harass, surveys on campus show that up to 30% of all female college students experience some form of sexual harassment. Some surveys of working women have shown that up to 70% have been sexually harassed in some way.

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