Mike and Jen: The Same Story But Two Different Points of View

Mike: "I still donąt understand what happened. Jane and I had been dating for about two months and, while we hadnąt slept together yet, I had certainly made it clear that I was very attracted to her and eventually expected to have sex with her. We were supposed to go to a party, and when she showed up in this sexy low-cut dress, I thought maybe this was her way of saying she was ready. At the party we drank some beer, which made her sort of sleepy and sensual. When she said she wanted to go lie down and have me snuggle with her, what was I supposed to think? Granted, she did grumble a little when I started to undress her, but I just figured she wanted to be persuaded. Lots of women feel a little funny about being forward and want men to take responsibility for sex. I donąt know. We had sex and it was fine. I took her home and I thought everything was okay. But ever since then she refuses to talk to me or go out with me. I thought she really liked me.

What happened?"

Jen: "I'll never forget that night as long as I live. Mike and I had been dating awhile, and he had always acted like a perfect gentleman- well, we had done our share of kissing, but he never gave me any reason not to trust him. The night of the party I wore this gorgeous dress that I borrowed from my roommate. It was a little flashier than I normally wear, but I thought it was very flattering. At the party, I had some beer, and it made me really tired so I wanted to lie down. Maybe I shouldnąt have suggested that we both lie down together, but it felt weird to just go upstairs by myself and leave Mike all alone. The next thing I knew, he was all over me, forcing me to have sex with him. It was horrible. I didnąt want to scream and make a fool of myself with all those other people in the next room, but I tried to fight him off. I guess I was just too wiped out to be very effective. Needless to say, I never want to see Mike again. He seemed like such a nice guy.

What happened?"

What happened is RAPE.

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