Prepared by the Committee on Sexual Violence


Bates College denounces the use of violence within our community directed against any individual or group. We, the college community, regard sexual assault as a violent crime, a particularly heinous form of sexual harassment, whether committed by a stranger or an acquaintance on or off campus. We condemn the commission of sexual assaults and believe persons charged with such offenses should be dealt with promptly and fairly through the courts and our own judicial systems. Moreover, we rededicate ourselves to eradicating hostile settings in which our ability to work, study, live and learn together is inhibited. Finally, we pledge assistance through the various departments of the College in aiding survivors of assault to determine how best they may regain control over their own circumstances.


In addition to recognition of the definitions and general provisions of the Criminal Code of the State of Maine, under which criminal sanction may be pursued, the College community is provided with the following definitions of some particular forms of unacceptable social behavior and interference with the rights of others, which, if committed by a member of the college community, shall be subject to disciplinary action. Definitions of consent and force are also included.

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