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Statistics in the crime categories below represent criminal activity officially reported to Bates College Security and Campus Safety as defined by the National Incident-Based Reporting System Edition of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and as required under the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Student Right-to-Know and CAMPUS SECURITY ACT (public laws 101-542, 102-26, 102-325, and 103-208). The following statistics reflect criminal activity that was reported between April 8, and April 21, 2001.

Sex Offenses, forcible or non-forcible
Aggravated Assault
Motor Vehicle Theft
Hate Crimes
Hate Incident
Bicycle Theft
Theft from Motor Vehicle
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Mischief to Motor Vehicle
Criminal Trespass Warnings
Anonymous Sexual Assaults



or persons referred for campus disciplinary action for:

Liqour-Law Violation
Drug-Abuse Violation
Weapons Possession

Just so you know...

The remaining statistics reflect some of the services that Security and Campus Safety has
provided between April 8, and April 21, 2001.

Propped Doors
EMS Calls
Fire Alarms
Animal Complaints
Neighborhood Complaints


Liquor Laws/Policy

4-8-01 - A keg of beer was confiscated by Security from the basement of Hacker House. There was no one around.

4-8-01 - While investigating a broken window at Hacker House, Security saw a tapped keg of beer in a studentıs room. The keg and tap were confiscated by Security. The residents of the room were referred to the Dean of Students Office.

4-13-01 - While investigating a neighborhood complaint at Webb House, Security found a keg and tap in the basement laundry room. The keg and tap were confiscated by Security. No one gathered in the basement claimed ownership of the keg.

4-18-01 - An empty keg of beer was found in the storage room at Herrick House. Security confiscated the keg.

4-21-01 - While doing lock-ups Security found a partially full keg of beer in the second floor trash room of John Bertram Hall. The keg was confiscated by Security. No one was in the area at the time.

Narcotics Laws

4-17-01 - When Security went to a room at Parker Hall in regard to another incident, a water pipe, and a small glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana were observed. The Lewiston Police Department was called to pick up the drug paraphernalia. A student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

4-19-01 - While doing building checks, Security noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from an open room at Milliken House. One student had a bag of marijuana, and the other had a homemade water bong. Also found was a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana. The Lewiston Police Department was called and confiscated the items.

4-20-01 - Another student at Milliken House turned over a glass pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana to the Lewiston Police Department. This incident was related to the incident reported above.


4-13-01 - A student who was involved in a verbal exchange with another student at Hacker House was struck by him an undetermined number of times. Security happened to be at Hacker House on routine patrol, and was able to step in before the situation got out of hand. The student who was hit refused to file an assault charge with the Lewiston Police Department. The Dean of Students Office was advised of this incident.

Hate Crime Incidents

4-8-01 - Graffiti was found spray painted on the top of Mount David. The content of the speech, included racial and gender slurs. Physical Plant was notified to removed the graffiti. The Hate Crime/Bias Incident Committee met regarding this incident, and requested that anyone with any information should contact Campus Security. A copy of the incident report was sent to the Attorney Generalıs Office in Augusta.


4-14-01 - A student at Parker Hall reported that he was woken up by a noise in the hall, and observed two males filling up boxes with goods from a vending machine. The machine owned by All Seasons Vending had about $300.00 worth of damage done, and about $18.00 of products taken. The complainant was able to identify one of the students through the 2001 Student Directory. That student was summonsed for theft by the Lewiston Police Department. He was also referred to the Dean Of Students Office.

4-14-01- A visitor at Parker Hall was summonsed by the Lewiston Police Department for theft, and given a one year criminal trespass warning. While Security was investigating the vending machine incident, they observed that person taking items out of the machine. The person was found to be in possession of approximately $7.00 worth of items from the machine.

4-14-01 - A second student involved in the theft from the vending machine at Parker Hall was also given a summons for theft by the Lewiston Police Department, and referred to the Dean Of Students Office.


4-20-01 - A third student has come forward to take responsibility for shattering the glass in the vending machine at Parker Hall. The Lewiston Police Department has spoken with the student. The incident is still under investigation, and another summons could be issued.

Theft from Motor Vehicle

4-17-01 - An unlocked vehicle parked on Central Avenue by Russell Street was entered. The glove box was emptied, and the face plate to the radio were missing. The Radio/CD face plate was valued at $100.00. Nothing else appeared to be missing, and no damage was done to the vehicle. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

4-18-01 - A student who parked her vehicle on College Street near Campus Avenue returned to find her passenger door ajar. The only items missing were the registration and a NEC Cell phone. The value of the cell phone is unknown. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

4-18-01 - An unlocked vehicle parked on Mountain Avenue was entered. The following items were missing: a radar detector valued at $349.00, a cell phone valued at $199.00, and sun glasses valued at $135.00. The total value of the missing items is $683.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

Criminal Mischief

4-8-01 - Two small windows were discovered broken in Chase Hall lounge, and a small window in the smoking lounge when Security went to secure the building after a blue slipped event. The cost to replace the windows is approximately $60.00.

4-8-01 - A window in the lounge of Hacker House was observed broken by Security as they were on routine patrol on Frye Street. The students in the area said the window was broken by accident. The cost to replace the window is approximately $35.00, and will be charged to the House.

4-13-01 - A student reported that the door to his room at Small House had been kicked in while he was sleeping. He saw his door open, but no one entered the room. Damage was estimated to be about $100.00.

4-14-01 - The top panel to the basement door at Parsons House was pushed in. The estimated cost to repair the panel is $20.00. No one was around at the time. The cost for repairs will be assessed to the House.

4-14-01 - While doing lockups at Parker Hall, Security noticed a section of the porch railing kicked in, and a broken pane of glass in a door on the Andrews Road side. The cost to repair the railing is approximately $100.00 and another $25.00 for the glass. There will also be a cost incurred for the on- call carpenter who came in and made temporary repairs. All of these cost will be charged to the dorm.

4-15-01 - A student reported some damage done at Rand Hall during a blue slipped party in the lounge. A beer bottle was broken in the stairwell, and garbage cans had been dumped all over both second floor lounges. It was not known at the time what the cost would be to clean this up.

4-17-01 - A ten pound chemical fire extinguisher was expelled at Milliken House. The cost to refill the extinguisher, $10.50, and the $75.00 Life Safety fine will be charged to the House.

4-17-01 - Students at Smith Hall North were observed throwing yogurt containers at Wentworth Adams Hall. One of the containers went through a screen. The students responsible were spoken to, and referred to the Dean of Students Office. The cost to replace the screen is approximately $15.00.

4-20-01 - When Security responded to a disturbance call at Hacker House, they discovered that the first floor bathroom door had been torn from its hinges, and had a hole in the bottom of it. The approximate cost to replace the door is $150.00. The House will be charged for the damage.

4-21-01 - While on patrol on Frye Street, Security observed students toilet papering the tree in front of Hacker House. As Security approached, the students ran. Security went into Hacker House to try to locate one of the students. They observed ketchup smeared on the walls, cups and beer cans , heating boards knocked out, and the carpet soaked in beer. The toilet paper dispensers in both the first and second floor bathrooms had also been ripped off. Damage to the House was estimated between $350.00 and $400.00. No cost was immediately given for the cleanup of the House. The Dean on call was advised, and a copy of the report was sent to the Dean of Students Office. The House will be charged for all the damages and cleanup costs.

4-21-01 - Security went over to Merrill Gymnasium to check on unsupervised children playing in the building. It was reported that they were tampering with golf carts, had dragged the trampoline out and set it up incorrectly. Also, the shot put circle was turned around, and other throwing equipment had been used. Mats were strewn around, and a partially discharged fire extinguisher was found. One of the children was identified. All of the damage has not been assessed at this time. The Lewiston Police Department was called in and the investigation is ongoing.


If there is additional information that you would like to see in this report or questions that
you would like to have answered, please forward your requests or questions via campus
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