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Statistics in the crime categories below represent criminal activity officially reported to Bates College Security and Campus Safety as defined by the National Incident-Based Reporting System Edition of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and as required under the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Student Right-to-Know and CAMPUS SECURITY ACT (public laws 101-542, 102-26, 102-325, and 103-208). The following statistics reflect criminal activity that was reported between January 28, and February 10, 2001.

Sex Offenses, forcible or non-forcible
Aggravated Assault
Motor Vehicle Theft
Hate Crimes
Hate Incident
Bicycle Theft
Theft from Motor Vehicle
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Mischief to Motor Vehicle
Criminal Trespass Warnings
Anonymous Sexual Assaults



or persons referred for campus disciplinary action for:

Liqour-Law Violation
Drug-Abuse Violation
Weapons Possession

Just so you know...

The remaining statistics reflect some of the services that Security and Campus Safety has
provided between January 28, and February 10, 2001.

Propped Doors
EMS Calls
Fire Alarms
Animal Complaints
Neighborhood Complaints


Liquor Laws/Policy

1-28-01 - An underage student was observed by Security drinking at the Den. He was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

2-3-01 - A partially full liquor bottle was found by Security in the first floor common area of Pierce House. No one was around at the time. The bottle was confiscated by Security.

2-3-01 - A blue-slipped event at Hacker House was closed down due to an over capacity crowd, and the sale of cups of beer. Two kegs of beer and a tap were confiscated by Security. The Dean of Students Office was sent a copy of this report.

2-4-01 - While responding to Hacker House on a complaint about a disorderly male, Security discovered a keg and tap in the second floor bathroom. Security confiscated both items. No one was around the keg.

2-4-01 - A bottle of liquor was found in the lounge area on the first floor of Rand. No one was around at the time. The bottle was confiscated by Security, and the contents emptied.

2-4-01 - While Security was investigating possible broken windows at Hacker House, they observed a student with a bottle of liquor. The bottle was confiscated and the contents emptied. The student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

2-10-01 - A half full keg of beer was found in the second floor bathroom at John Bertram hall. None of the students in the immediate area claimed ownership of the keg. The keg was confiscated by Security.

Hate Crime Incident

2-10-01 - A student reported that a threatening message was found on the Representative Assembly Comment Board in Chase Hall. The handwritten message read as follows ²Itıs time we started persecuting minorities more on this campus.-J. Galt.² It is believed that J.Galt refers to an alternative press. This incident was investigated by campus Security and reported to the Hate Crime Bias Incident Committee. Bates Security and the Committee are encouraging anyone with information pertaining to this incident to come forward. A copy of the report was sent to the Attorney Generalıs Office in Augusta.


1-28-01 - A student reported his jacket stolen from the Chase Hall Lounge. The dark blue jacket had a black and gray lining, and was valued at $130.00. The brand name of the jacket is not known. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

2-8-01 - A jacket was taken from the coatroom at Chase Hall. The green LL Bean jacket had a canvas zippered front with four front pockets. It was a size 2XL Tall. It was valued at $125.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

Theft from a Motor Vehicle

1-28-01 - A vehicle parked in the lot at the corner of Wood Street and Vale Street had its right rear vent type window shattered. No foreign object was found inside the vehicle. Damage was approximately $180.00. Missing from the vehicle was about $1.00ıs worth of change. Nothing else was taken. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

Criminal Mischief

1-28-01 - Four students at Hedge Hall were responsible for dumping a significant amount of garbage outside the building, and on the third floor. Also, $40.00 of damage was done to a recycling bin.

1-28-01 - An intoxicated student at Small House broke the large double pane window to the front porch. The approximate cost of the window was $200.00. The student will be charged for the damage.

1-28-01 - A custodian at Chase Hall reported damage done to the menıs room near the Special Seminar Room after an event was held there the previous night. There was a 6x8 hole in the wall which will cost approximately $50.00 to repair. Another hole was made directly behind the entry door which will cost about $75.00 to repair. The hallway wall between the menıs room and womenıs room was pushed in. Approximate damage was $50.00. Also, the heating registers located along the windows in Chase Lounge were detached from the wall. Unknown extent of damage if any at this time. The total amount of damage is approximately $175.00

2-4-01 - A window was broken at Frye Street Union in the basement. It was not known who or what caused it. Estimated damage was $50.00.

2-5-01 - A ten pound chemical fire extinguisher was found discharged on the first floor of Hacker House. Cost to refill the extinguisher is $10.50, and there is a $75.00 fine for tampering with Life Safety Equipment which will be charged to Hacker House.

2-5-01 - A fire extinguisher was discharged in the basement of Chase House. The house will be charged the $10.50 to refill the extinguisher, as well as the $75.00 fine for tampering with Life Safety Equipment.

2-5-01 - A fire extinguisher was discharged on the second floor of Small House. The house will be charged the $10.50 to refill the extinguisher, as well as the $75.00 Life Safety fine.

2-8-01 - Lighter fluid was sprayed in the hallway on the first floor of Parker Hall. An empty bottle of the fluid was found nearby. Several students reported seeing two males with the bottle earlier. The students recognized the males as fellow students, but did not know who they were. A custodian was called in to cleanup the spill.

2-10-01 - An anonymous caller reported that a window in the foyer at Wentworth Adams Hall was broken. The damage was estimated at $30.00.


If there is additional information that you would like to see in this report or questions that
you would like to have answered, please forward your requests or questions via campus
mail, U.S. Mail, or e-mail to:

Sherri Brooks
Security & Campus Safety
245 College St.
Lewiston, ME 04240

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