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Statistics in the crime categories below represent criminal activity officially reported to Bates College Security and Campus Safety as defined by the National Incident-Based Reporting System Edition of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program, and as required under the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended by the Student Right-to-Know and CAMPUS SECURITY ACT (public laws 101-542, 102-26, 102-325, and 103-208). The following statistics reflect criminal activity that was reported between January 14, and January 27, 2001.

Sex Offenses, forcible or non-forcible
Aggravated Assault
Motor Vehicle Theft
Hate Crimes
Hate Incident
Bicycle Theft
Theft from Motor Vehicle
Criminal Mischief
Criminal Mischief to Motor Vehicle
Criminal Trespass Warnings
Anonymous Sexual Assaults



or persons referred for campus disciplinary action for:

Liqour-Law Violation
Drug-Abuse Violation
Weapons Possession

Just so you know...

The remaining statistics reflect some of the services that Security and Campus Safety has
provided between January 14, and January 27, 2001.

Propped Doors
EMS Calls
Fire Alarms
Animal Complaints
Neighborhood Complaints


Liquor Laws/Policy

1-18-01 - An unopened half gallon of vodka was confiscated by Security from the counter of the ground floor kitchen at Moody House. There was no one in the area at the time.

1-19-01 - While working a Winter Carnival detail at Chase Hall, Security caught a female student drinking a beer in the bathroom. That beer and two other beers the student had in her possession were emptied into the sink. The student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

1-19-01 - A male student was caught drinking a beer at a sporting event at Underhill Arena. The beer was confiscated, and the student was told that he could not return to the event. He was referred to the Dean of Students.

1-19-01 - A female student was caught with an open beer in a bathroom at Chase Hall. The beer was confiscated, and the student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

1-20-01 - A keg of beer and a tap were confiscated from the fourth floor of Smith South by Security. A copy of the report was sent to the Dean of Students Office.

1-21-01 - About twenty-five students were dicovered drinking beer at John Bertram Hall from a non blue slipped keg. The keg and tap were confiscated, and a copy of the report was sent to the Dean of Students Office.

1-22-01 - An empty keg was found in the third floor hallway at Small House. The Dean of Students Office was sent a copy of the report.

1-22-01 - Twenty-five cans of beer were turned over to Security from Clason House. The Dean of Students was sent a copy of this report. Clason House is a Chem Free house.

1-26-01 - A bottle of hard liquor was confiscated from Frye House. The male student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

1-27-01 - A first year student was in possession of a beer at the Bates College Den. He had given an ID that showed him to be 21 to a worker at the Den. The ID belonged to another individual. The ID was confiscated, and the student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

1-27-01 - A keg was confiscated from a third floor bathroom at Moody House. A group of approximately twenty-five to thirty students were asked to leave the area without incident. A copy of the report was sent to the Dean of Students Office.

1-27-01 - While following up on a fire alarm activation at Page Hall, Security confiscated three bottles of hard liquor from a female studentıs room. The student was referred to the Dean of Studentıs Office.

1-27-01- Approximately fifty students were found drinking beer in the hallway of Village 2 second floor. A keg and tap located in the menıs room were confiscated by Security. A male student was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Narcotics Laws

1-25-01 - A student at Wilson House was referred to the Dean of Students Office after an odor of marijuana was reported coming from his room .


1-27-01 - A male student and a visitor to Bates College were robbed of their money and belongings by two males subjects while walking up College Street. No weapons were used, and no one was injured.

Suspect # 1 was described as a black male, 5ı8ıı, weighing approxiamtely 165 to 170 pounds. He had a shaved head, and was wearing a gray or blue shirt with a blue FUBU logo.

Suspect # 2 was described as a light skinned black or latino male, weighing approximately 180 to 190 pounds. He had short black hair, and was wearing a leather jacket.

Suspect # 3 was described as a female with long, wavy black hair.

They were driving a 1999 Blue Oldsmobile Alero with Maine license plate...45081W.

Due to this incident there was an increased police and Security presence on campus while the Lewiston Police Department was folllowing several leads. A ³Security Alert² was posted on campus.

Update: On 1-27-01 a Detective with the Lewiston Police Department advised Security that two arrests have been made. Both individuals were released on bail and issued Criminal Trespass warning for the Bates College Campus. Also, a witness to the crime had come forward.


While a staff member was waiting to cross the street in front of ChaseHall on January 23, 2001 at 6:10 pm someone threw a quantity of water on her from a moving vehicle. The vehicle is described as large and darkcolored.

If you witnessed this incident or if you are aware of any similar activity occurring in the area please advise Security, by dialing 6111 from any on campus phone or by picking up any security phone..


1-15-01 - A College owned property on Lafayette Street was broken into. Entry was gained by breaking a pane of glass in a sliding door. It was not immediately known whether anyting was missing, but each room was ransacked. The Lewiston Police Department also responded. The damage to the door was estimated at $250.00.

1-18-01 - A professor at Carnegie Science reported the theft of a computer and monitor from room 444. There appeared to be no forced entry into the room. The computer, a Dell PC Optiplex Desktop with CD Rom and Zip drive was valued at $1,250.00. The colored monitor was a Dell 17² valued at $250.00. There was a cable padlock that connected the two. The total value of the missing items is $1,500.00. The Lewiston Police Department is investigating this incident.


1-14-01 - A student reported the theft of his Conga Drum from a locked room at Olin Arts Center. The cherry wood drum, measured 3 1/2 feet high with the brand name ³Matador² imprinted on the drum matt. It was valued at $450.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

Update: The student reported a few days later that his drum was returned to the same room it had been stolen from.

1-21-01 - A student reported his jacket missing from the Gray Cage. The jacket was a black fleece with a large collar valued at $70.00. Also, reported missing was a black knit cap valued at $10.00, and a leather wallet valued at $30.00. The wallet contained about $20.00 in cash, a credit card, a BatesCard, a foreign ID, and a bank savings card. The total value of the missing items is approximately $150.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

1-25-01 - A female student reported that her wallet was taken from her pockerbook while she was at the Den. The black nylon wallet contained no money, but had several credit cards in it, and a BatesCard. The wallet was valued at $10.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

1-27-01 - A vending machine located in the basement laundry room at Village Three was broken into. The glass valued at $300.00 was shattered, and approximately $30.00 of candy was stolen from the machine owned by All Seasons Vending. The total value was $330.00. The Lewiston Police Department was notified.

Criminal Mischief

1-19-01 A discharged chemical fire extinguisher was found inside the side entrance to Rand Hall. The Hall will be charged the $10.50 refill fee as well as the $75.00 Life Safety Fine.

1-27-01 - A pane of glass was broken in the rear door at Frye Street Union. It was unknown what caused the damage which was estimated at $50.00 to the stained glass.


If there is additional information that you would like to see in this report or questions that
you would like to have answered, please forward your requests or questions via campus
mail, U.S. Mail, or e-mail to:

Sherri Brooks
Security & Campus Safety
245 College St.
Lewiston, ME 04240

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