Environmental Events

CURC Campus Recycling Series, March 23, 1999, Northeastern University.
Call 703-683-9025, ext. 404, or go to http://earthsystems.org/curc/curcevents.html.

Maine Solid Waste and Recycling Conference, April 5-6, 1999, at the Samoset Resort in Rockland.
Contact Suzanne Snowden, WasteCap Maine Program Manager at 207-846-0935, or Kathy Guerin at MRRA at 207-942-6772.

Campus Procurement Training Clinic, April 16-18, 1999 at Middlebury College.
Sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program.

Second Annual Alternative Paper Conference, October 16-17, 1999 at Bates College.
Sponsored by C.U.R.E. Contact Heather Burt at 207-882-6405 or adburt@wiscasset.net

Special Events:

Earth Day at Bates College, May 11, 1999.
Keynote speaker will be Ed Webster, editor of the American Alpine Book Club, world renowned climber and photographer. Webster will present narrative slide show.


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