Carl Sprinchorn (1887-1971)

Crommet's Farm - Shin Pond, n.d.
crayon on paper
Gift of Tom and Sandra Veilleux


The Swedish born Sprinchorn first came to America at the age of sixteen to study under the painter Robert Henri. Beginning with his first visit to Maine in 1910, Sprinchorn came to know and love the people and places of inland Maine, and soon the region became the primary inspiration for his works.

Sprinchorn's paintings soon came to capture the very essence of Maine, and this essence was recognized by his colleagues like Marsden Hartley, who said:

"I recommend them as I would recommend pork and beans and clam chowder, clam cakes and clams steamed under fresh seaweed on hot rocks - for here lies the substance of the whole regional matter." [Ogunquit Museum of American Art]

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