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Hartley at Home aims to perpetuate the ongoing conversation about Marsden Hartley's life and work.

On March 23, 1951, the heirs of the Marsden Hartley estate left a gift to Bates College in compliance with his wishes, the last remaining effects from Corea, Maine, where Hartley lived and kept a studio.
     The collection was left as a memorial to the Lewiston artist of international recognition and historical note.

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     On July 4, 1955, Hartley's niece, Norma Gene Berger, made an additional gift of her property of the artist to the College. Included in the gift were two sketchbooks, two small early oil paintings, and memorabilia dating back to 1882.
     Other items of aesthetic and historic significance comprise a part of the collection: original manuscripts of Hartley's poems, rare autographed editions of his published books, the artist's palette, brushes, and easel, an early Mark Tobey painting given to Hartley by that artist in friendship, and more items dating through the year 1943.


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The Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection of ninety-nine drawings is important as the largest collection of the artist's work in this medium. With the inclusion of his memorabilia in the permanent collection, an important and valuable part of the artistic and cultural heritage of the State of Maine - and of American art history - resides at Bates.