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Included in the collection are 99 drawings and three oils. The drawings are grouped by date, in categories named by William Mitchell in Ninety-Nine Drawings by Marsden Hartley, Bates College, 1970.

Please contact the museum for an appointment if you wish to view any of these works first-hand.

Pick Category:

  1. Proto-German Military Series c.1913
  2. Berlin Male, Nude, and Female Series c.1922-23
  3. Cezanne-Style Series c.1927
  4. New Hampshire Series c.1930
  5. German Alps Series c.1933
  6. Blue Sketchbook Series of Dogtown and Gloucester c.1934-36
  7. Archaic-Figure Type Series c.1938-39
  8. Depression Drawing c.1939 1942?
  9. Mt. Katahdin Drawings c.1939-40
  10. Old Orchard Beach Series c.1940
  11. Wrestler Series c.1940
  12. Male Figure Series from a Tan Sketchbook c.1940
  13. Elephant Drawing c.1940-41
  14. Lobster Fisherman with Religious Directions Series c.1940
  15. Coastal Series c.1930-43
  16. Fisherman's Family Series c.1943
  17. Religious Themes and Roses Series c.1941-43
  18. Three Oil Sketches