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The archive includes over 250 objects ranging from childhood toys to pre-Columbian artifacts from his travels abroad; from photographs of friends and family to newspaper clippings detailing his movements in Europe.

Sketchbook diaries, letters, and work given to Hartley by his artist friends are also included in the collection.

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Memorabilia in the archive includes jewelry, souvenirs from his international travels, and momentos from childhood.

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Photographs of Hartley from age seven to his final years in Corea, Maine. Some were taken by the artist himself, while others are by photographer friends.

decorative imageEphemera in the collection includes all paper artifacts: letters, exhibit programs, newspaper clippings, and various other documents.

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Personal Effects belonging to Hartley include wallets, pens, pallette, cameras, and address books.

Friends Carl Sprinchorn and Mark Tobey gave work to Hartley which are now in the Archive.