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1921: Spring: Involved in Societe Anime; publishes Adventures in the Arts with Boni, Liveright.

May 17: Stieglitz and Mitchell Kennerly arrange a public auction of 117 works by Hartley at Anderson galleries, New York. It raises almost $4000 which is enough to get Hartley to Europe again.

July: Arrives in Paris where he visits sculptor John Storrs in Orleans.

November: Arrives in Berlin, where he enjoys inflated exchange rate and lives well.

1922: Paints still lifes of fruit, bowls, baskets, and bread.

Fall: Does lithographs of similar still-life arrangements.

1923: Spring: Twenty-five Poems published by Marc Almon in Paris. Begins series of New Mexico Recollections.

July: Nude pastel studies.

Fall: Goes to Vienna, does an Italian tour where he remains in Florence for eight weeks. Also visits Arezzo, Rome and Naples. Writes essays on art encountered on travels.

1924: Winter: Sails for New York.

February: Arranges with a syndicate of five businessmen for an annual stipend of $2000 in exchange for paintings. This enables him to live in Europe for the next four years.

Summer: Returns to Paris via London, Brussels, Antwerp. Uses George Biddle's studio, where he continues New Mexico Recollections and does series of fish still lifes and recollections of Maine.

1925: January: Participates in a group show of American artists at the Galerie Briant-Robert, Paris.

August: Moves to Vence, France, where he takes a year's lease on a house. Does landscapes of Italian Alps around Gattiere and Caros. Writes "Provencal Preludes" and "Bach for Breakfeast" poems.

1926: March: Visits Paris and sees Cezanne exhibition at Bernheim-Jeune galleries, which rekindles his interest in Cezanne.

October: Moves to Aix-en-Provence

December: Settles in Maison Maria, in the Chateau Noir forest. Takes Cezanne's old studio and works in a Cezannesque style.

1927: Winter: Travels to Paris, Berlin, and Hamburg, returning to Aix in the summer. Does Mont Sainte-Victoire paintings and pencil and silverpoint drawings of trees and rocks.

December: Goes to Paris.

1928: January: Arrives in New York and then visits Chicago for his exhibition at Arts Club of Chicago. Visits Arnold Ronnebeck in Denver, where Hartley lectures on Cezanne.

Summer: Visits friends in Conway, New Hampshire, and spends two weeks in Georgetown, Maine with Gaston and Isabel Lachaise and Paul and Rebecca Strand.

August 20: Sails again for France.

Winter: Stays in Paris in large apartment and does seashell still-lifes.

1929: April: Returns to Maison Maria in Aix-en-Provence, depressed over critical reaction to his painting and to his long absence from home. Reads George Santayana, Miguel Unamuno, and Christian mystics.

November: Travels to Marseilles where he meets Hart Crane; then goes on alone to Toulouse, Albi, Paris, and London for Christmas. Proceeds to Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden.

1930: March 5: After farewell tour of Europe, sails for New York, where he lives in Brooklyn Heights. Types his book of essays about Europe, "Varied Patterns."

June: Goes to Sugar Hill, near Franconia, New Hampshire, for summer with a friend who has a car and drives him to painting sites. Visits Montreal and Quebec.

Fall: Returns for fall colors in New Hampshire.

November: Returns to Brooklyn and lives at Pierrepont Hotel, where he is severly stricken with bronchitis.