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1911: Hospitalized for five weeks with scarlet fever.

March 11: Exhibits 15 works in Independents Exhibition. After seeing Picasso's work at 291, inspired to produce first abstractions. Visits Philidelphia and Baltimore in unsuccessful attempts to sell paintings.

June: Returns to North Lovell, where he does series of Cezannesque still lifes of pears from black-and-white reproductions.

November: Returns to New York and visits Cezanne exhibit from Havemeyer collection with Arthur B. Davies.

1912: February: Second solo exhibition held at 291. Through sale of painting to Agnes Meyer, Stieglitz and Davies arrange for him to go to Europe.

April 11: Arrives in Paris.

June: Borrows Lee Simonson's studio at 18 rue Moulin de Beurre and paints still lifes in Matisse-Cezanne style; meets Gertrude and Leo Stein and sees their collection.

July: Introduced to German coterie, including Arnold Ronnebeck and his cousin Karl von Freyburg. Reads Kandinsky's Der Blaue Reiter and On the Spiritual in Art. Reads Christian mystics and Willam James’ Varieties of Religious Experience.

November: Travels to London with his still-life paintings; meets Augustus John at Chenil Gallery; visits British Museum. Begins painting "intuitive abstractions," including Musical Theme paintings.

1913: January 3: Leaves for three-week trip to Berlin to visit Ronnebeck and his family.

January 2: Meets Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter on return trip through Munich. Sees Franz Marc's work at Galerie Thannhauser.

February: Included in the Armory show in New York.

March: Visits Stein's salon regularly; Corresponds with Marc.

April: Lee Simonson returns to Paris; Hartley leaves Paris for Berlin; stays with Franc Marc in Sindelsdorf for four days; arrives in Berlin in May.

Summer: Paints prewar pageants and mystical paintings.

September: Five "intuitive abstractions" exhibited in Erster deutscher Herbstsalon in Berlin with Blaue Reiter Artists.

November 15: Sails for New York with work for the 291 exhibition.

1914: January: Third solo show held at 291.

February: Spends ten days in Buffalo, New York for show in home of Nina Bull.

March: Returns to Germany via London and Paris

April 30: Arrives in Berlin. Paints emblematic color abstractions.

Summer: Paints Amerika series.

August: Germany declares war on the Allies. Learns that his father died August 4.

October 7: Karl von Freyburg killed in battle.

Early November: Begins German Officer series.

1915: Continues German Officer series in Berlin for nearly a year.

May: Martha Marsden, stepmother, dies.

October: Exhibition at the Munchener Graphik-Verlag, Berlin, of 45 paintings and some drawings.

December 11: Returns to New York.

1916: Lives in New York. Pays short visit to Mabel Dodge in Croton-on-Hudson and attends Dodge's salon in Greenwich Village. Does cubistic portraits and still lifes.

March: Participates in The Forum Exhibition of Modern American Painters.

April 4: Fourth solo exhibition at 291, of German Officer paintings which are not well received.

July 13: Arrives in Provincetown, Massachusetts where he stays for the summer as guest of John Reed, with Carl Sprinchorn, Charles Demuth, William and Marguerite Zorach, and other artists.

Fall: Remains in Provincetown, then returns to New York.

December: Spends the winter in Bermuda with Charles Demuth.

1917: January: First essays and poems published in The New Republic and Seven Arts.

April: Participates in First Annual Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists; Paints still-life-through window landscapes.

May: Returns to New York.

June: Visits Lewiston and joins Hamilton Easter Field's art colony in Ogunquit, Maine. Does painting on glass.

Fall: Returns to New York and lives in Field's Brooklyn Heights apartment.

1918: June 14: At Mabel Dodge's suggestion, travels to Taos, New Mexico, where he stays to do still lifes and pastel landscapes.

November 6: Unhappy and concerned about influenza epidemic. Moves to Santa Fe. Writes essays on Indians and the American Landscape. First poems published in Poetry.

1919: February: Visits Sprinchorn in La Canada, California. Meets Robert McAlmon at poetry reading. Visits San Fransisco.

June: Returns to Santa Fe to do second series of pastels and some oils of New Mexico landscape. Sells painting to Santa Fe museum.

November 19: Returns to New York, stopping en route in Chicago, where he sees Sherwood Anderson and Harriet Monroe.

1920: Winter: Works on New Mexico paintings.

Spring: Becomes involved with the New York Dada movement.

May 4: Appointed Secretary of the Societe Anime, founded by Marcel Duchamp and Katherine Dreier.

June: Goes to Gloucester, Massachusetts for duration of the summer.

October: Returns to New York where he introduces McAlmon to William Carlos Williams and works on first issue of Contact with them. Continues to publish poems in Poetry and Little Review.