Currently, Jamie Wyeth works in Monhegan, Maine and Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, still pursuing his life-long fascination with wildlife and animals, as well as people. The rural landscape, of great interest to Wyeth, is interpreted in his own insightful way. His works show how man and men have intruded on it, relating it all to nature and the surrounding environs. Within the last five years, some of his pictures have taken a somewhat surreal turn by exaggerating and embellishing the lives of the rural folk he has always loved, and it is the vivid contrasts and dark edges of his work, as well as the sense of isolation reflected in his Maine paintings that made him the obvious choice to be commissioned to create the paintings that became central to the plot of the ABC-TV dramatic series Kingdom Hospital, produced by Stephen King.

These works illuminate how an invented animal introduced into popular culture can be transcended beyond the mythological into the vernacular. It is a modern day example of how the many imagined, fraudulent, and sometimes real animals through history have become blurred creating hybrid creations that can over time enter into myth and eventually “reality” by their very persistence to invade popular culture through words, music, and visual culture. Antibus appears to be an aardvark bred with a grizzly bear whose name bears a striking resemblance to the Egyptian God of the afterlife.