Jeffrey Vallance bridges the museum world with popular culture using a variety of media and distinctive methodical research, transforming what may be considered paranormal or mythical into system of faith and legitimacy. Dissecting contemporary culture and objects and uniting them with traditional entities, he fuses our schismatic world.

Vallance is able to connect commonplace objects with paranormal devices, searching for an untold faith. In 1978 Vallance purchased a frozen chicken at a local supermarket, brought it home and named it Blinky. Proceeding to give Blinky a funeral ceremony worthy of a fallen soldier, Vallance documented the occasion with drawings and video. Keeping the styrofoam and naming it The Shroud of Blinky he was compelled to compare it to the Shroud of Turin, known as the Holy Shroud, and search for some cohesive circular unity in humanity.