Recently Monya Rowe gallery presented the first New York solo exhibition of collaborative photography works by Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson titled Off the Grid.

In this body of work, Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson present a series of large format performance-based photographs examining the contemporary quest to spiritually coexist with nature. Shot in various locations such as Washington, Oregon and New Mexico, the artists set up fantastical open-ended scenarios in a natural landscape where, as the subjects of the photograph, appear to be the only persons in existence.

During these “performances”, there is a tension between an intuitive, earnest intent and a self-conscious humor of society while also being firmly rooted within it. In Summer XI (Off the Grid), 2005, an out-of-frame device creates the startling illusion of a stream of blood flowing from the sky above; the imagery combines the magical with a subsequent humor about our limited cultural parameters and a longing for an intangible experience of the metaphysical.