Once something is “found,” such as the giant panda, komodo dragon, Gila monster, giant squid, or coelacanth, cryptozoologists go on to the next search and the cycle begins again: elaborate theories are postulated, evidence is presented, and lines are drawn among parties with competing points of view and data. This consensus subjectivity offered in the guise of objectivity is the lynchpin relating the practice of CZ to the practices of contemporary art.

The exhibition is curated by Mark H. C. Bessire and Raechell Smith and organized by the Bates College Museum of Art and H & R Block Artspace.

Artists include: Rachel Berwick, Sarina Brewer, Walmor Correa, Mark Dion, Sean Foley, Ellen Lesperance, Robert Marbury, Jill Miller, Vic Muniz, Jeanine Oleson, Rosamond Purcell, Alexis Rockman, Marc Swanson, Jeffrey Vallance and Jamie Wyeth.