CZ is a fascinating zone of inquiry for contemporary artists interested in the fertile margins of the history of science and museums, taxonomy, myth, creativity, and discovery. The theme out of time place scale provides an opportunity to challenge the taxonomic limitations of hierarchy, linearity, chronology, and/or context that museums and art history manipulate to control presentation and reception. Staking out a position, or non-site, that blurs the boundaries between time place scale and choosing not to deconstruct predominant museum ideologies, this project constructs an alternative mode of address that favors a return to the organized mayhem, wonder, delight, and spiritual and intellectual adventurism of pre-Enlightenment curio cabinets.

The very definition of CZ implies a quest, a search for something not yet realized: Loren Coleman, the preeminent cryptozoologist, suggests that CZ is the interest in animals out of time, place, or scale. Its process is often maligned as a silly pursuit until a “real” discovery is made, then previously skeptical scientific authorities shamelessly celebrate the “find.”