In association with the Cryptozoology Symposium and Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale, the Bates College Museum of Art proudly presents the following films exploring the realm of cryptozoology.

End of Extinction: Cloning of the Tasmanian Tiger (2002)

This Discovery Channel documentary describes efforts by scientists at Sydney's Australia Museum to revive the extinct species of the Tasmanian Tiger. Using DNA samples drawn from a fetus more than 136 years old, the scientists try to bring back an animal obliterated by farmers and bounty-hunters decades ago. Brought to life using 3D modeling technology, the animal (also known as the Thylacine)is unlike any currently in existence.

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1973)

A 1970s docu-drama/monster-flick, The Legend of Boggy Creek, tells the story of a tiny Arkansas town terrorized by a very hairy swamp creature. Many of those who claimed to have encountered the creature played themselves in this movie version of the events. Strangely, swamp creature sightings went up dramatically in 1973 following the release of this movie.