Mark Dion is an American artist who metamorphoses into an ecologist, biochemist, detective and archaeologist. In his gallery installations around Europe and America since the 1980’s, Dion has constructed the laboratories, experiments and museum cachés of the great historical naturalist – following in their footsteps in his own adventurous, eco inspired journeys of the tropics. Dion crosses Darwin, Disney and Hitchcock in work ranging from hundreds of photographic ‘specimens’ documenting all the insect life in a single meter of meadow, to the meticulous gathering and labeling of the rubbish tossed out over hundreds of years from a sixteenth-century Italian castle. His research and magical collections are presented in institutional still-lifes, which combine taxidermic animals with lab equipment with artifacts, like walk-through wunderkammers and life-sized cabinets of curiosity. The artist is creating a Museum of Cryptozoology director’s office for the exhibition.