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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellowships in Biological Sciences
The annual stipend will be $16,000 for 2000-2001. There is no dependency allowance. HHMI will provide funds to the institutions, which will in turn pay stipends to fellows. In addition, HHMI will provide a $15,000 cost-of-education allowance to the fellowship institution on behalf of each fellow. Of this allowance, up to $12,800 is provided in lieu of tuition and assessed fees. At least $2,200 of the allowance must be used for the direct benefit of the fellow - e.g., for health insurance, books and supplies, a computer and computer-related expenses, travel to scientific meetings, professional fees, journal subscriptions, tuition for special summer courses, or secretarial or clerical services relevant to the program of study. If the cost of tuition and required fees is less than $12,800, any remaining funds must be used for education-related purposes to benefit the fellow or other graduate students. Such funds may be added to the $2,200 reserved for the direct benefit of the fellow, for example.

The main objectives of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute are the advancement of fundamental knowledge in biomedical science and the application of new scientific knowledge to the alleviation of disease and the promotion of health. The goal of the Pre-doctoral Fellowship Program is to promote excellence in biomedical research by helping prospective researchers with exceptional promise obtain high-quality graduate education.

Applicants must be at or near the beginning of their graduate study toward a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree in the designated biological sciences; college seniors, first-year graduate students and medical students and physicians who have not completed the first year of a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree program are eligible. By the time of application, candidates must not have completed one year or more of post-baccalaureate study in the biological sciences. There are no citizenship requirements, but foreign nationals must study in the United States.

For additional information contact:
Hughes Predoctoral Fellowships
Fellowship Office
National Research Council
2101 Constitution Avenue
Washington, DC 20418
(202) 334-2872



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