Linear Algebra: Other Web Resources


linear algebra toolkit

This Linear Algebra Toolkit is comprised of modules designed to help learn and practice basic linear algebra procedures such as Gauss-Jordan reduction, calculating the determinant, and checking for linear independence.


linear transformations and combinations
Once you enter this url you must enter in the search box 'linear algebra' to get to the correct page.
Very good interactive website.
-linear transformations ('linear shoot')
-linear combinations


properties of matrices

This website gives a good 2-d vector representation of a simple matrix. it also provides information about matrices, image, determinant, vectors, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.


very good interactive site

This website has good linear algebra interactivity.



linear algebra glossary

This website gives a very full list of linear algebra vocabulary. Each concept is defined and explained in detail.


linear algebra overview

very full overview of linear algebra. good explanations of main topics. some 2-d representations and many 3-d representations of matrices.


linear combinations

linear combinations

This website has a lot of good information about linear combinations and explains the concept very clearly.


your text book online

This website is excellent. It contains information about linear algebra and provides practice exercises as well as practice exams (with solutions included). This website is perfect for preparing for exams!