BATES COLLEGE Lewiston, Maine

International Youth Camp in Berlin, Germany from
August 3, 2003 - August 17, 2003




International Youth Camp in Berlin, Germany

Would you like to join an International Youth Camp in Berlin, Germany?

Young people from Israel, Germany and maybe YOU are going to meet in Berlin from August 3, 2003 - August 17, 2003.
In a beautiful old villa right at the beautiful lake Wannsee, with a splendid view of the lake, and in 15 minutes by train we are downtown Berlin. In the last years, we had 2 wonderful weeks and lots of challenging experiences.

The main goal will be, of course, cultural exchange and to break down cultural prejudices: talking and learning about the different cultures (including a so called "Cultural Evening" where participants introduce their country. Our programme includes sightseeing in town (a visit at the Reichstag, different interesting museums, visiting different quarters of Berlin and learn about historic and cultural differences) and around Berlin, as well as intercultural and other workshops (theater, arts & crafts, sports, music) one participating group from Southern Germany is very interested in music, they bring their instruments, since they are an orchestra) and a visit to Sachsenhausen, and of course enought time to hang out and relax (swimming etc.) So there will be enough time to relax, learn something about Berlin and other cultures

The camp language will be English, so you don't have to be worried about that but, of course, there will be enough time to improve your German, language classes will also be offered. Costs will be between 300-400 Euros (including housing, food, programme costs, public transport ticket, etc.) If you are interested, please contact Gerda Neu-Sokol ( or you can email the organizer Claudia Liebner in Berlin (