ES News

EnvironLunch is a bi-weekly gathering around evnironmental topics. The winter semester luncheons begin 1/20, 12:10-12:55 pm, in New Commons room 221.

Bates Professor Jane Costlow joins ES as the Humanities Faculty.

ES Assistant Professor Sonja Pieck is on sabbatical winter semester and short term 2011.

ES Capstone Seminar focuses on the Lewiston Community Food Assessment.

Welcome to Environmental Studies!

Environmental studies encompasses a broad range of issues that arise from the intersection of humans with the natural world. To understand these issues, students must think across and beyond existing disciplinary boundaries. The environmental studies major provides a framework for students to study how humans experience, investigate, and interact with their environment. The curriculum includes, first, an interdisciplinary core that encourages students to explore the social, aesthetic, ethical, scientific, and technical aspects of environmental questions, and second, a disciplinary-based concentration that allows students to approach these questions with more focused knowledge and methodological tools.


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