How This Site Works:


The Latin Page is arranged into chapters, following the pattern of your Latin 101-102 textbook, Wheelock's Latin. Each chapter contains an index on the first page, which is divided into sections: Lessons, Drills, Review and Vocabulary.

The Lessons explain new material, and each Lesson has a corresponding Drill. Some of the Drills will be used in class, and others may not. Take advantage of them, especially of the Drills you did not use in class, for your own personal study.

The Review section contains Drills which cover all the material learned in the chapter's Lessons.

The Vocabulary section is all from each of the chapter's vocabulary list in Wheelock, and are the words you will be quizzed on. The Vocabulary section contains two practice quizzes, which you should print out . One page contains the words in Latin, the other the words in English. Take them just like a quiz so you can evaluate your ability to translate all the chapter's vocabulary words.

And that is the whole site in a nutshell! I hope The Latin Page helps make your first year of Latin a little bit easier. Good luck!