The ©RD© CR™STUL©RUM is Latin for "The Order of the Cookie" and is, according to Margaret, based on Latin texts which advise Roman teachers to reward their child students with cookies for learning their school lessons. (I personally just think it is a good excuse for eating cookies, as well as one of the best parts of Latin 101-102 next to Casey the Wonder Dog)

The ©RD© is the Latin 101-102 in-class honor society. Every three to four weeks of the semester, all the students who have an A- or better quiz average for that period are inducted into the ©RD©. Membership in this prestigious organization involves the receipt of two gifts from the prof: a very nifty certificate of induction which is written entirely in Latin (your parents will get a kick out of it) and three cookies (and usually more, depending on the amount of surplus).

And that's it! Now, aren't you glad you signed up for Latin 101-102?