Latin 101: C9 Mock Quiz B

mihi nömen est:__________________________

Please fill in the chart below. Remember to place macrons over vowels where they belong.

Noun (English) Gender Number Case Latin
(E.G.: girl F Sing Acc puellam
of anothe/either sickness M. Sing Gen alterïus morbï
to/for no place M. Sing. Dat nüllï locö
by/with or to/for these enthusiasms N. Plural Dat/Abl hïs studiïs
those enthusiasms of yours N. plural ablative istïs studiïs
that whole place M. sing accusative illum tötum locum
of any eagerness N. sing genitive üllïus studiï
to either place M. sing dative utrï locö
neither disease M. plural genitive neutrörum morbörum
by/with/from one place M. sing ablative ünö locö
the only illness M. sing nominative sölus morbus
these pursuits N. plural nominative haec studia


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