Latin 101

Mock Quiz - Chapter 8:

mihi nomen est: _________________________

I. Forms:

1. give the genitive plural of the words that mean: "new brother:" novörum frätrum

2. give the ablative singular of the words that mean "beautiful sister" sörore bellä

3. give the dative plural of the words that mean "true reason" vërïs ratiönibus

4. supply the following forms of the verb that means "to conquer:"

2 P pres ind act: vincitis

3 S fut ind act: vincet

2 S pres imper act: vince

1 P imperf ind act: vincëbämus

2 P pres imper act: vincite

II. Translate:

1. Dum soror poëtae propter victöriam Römänörum cöpiam laudis frätribus nautae scrïbit, magistrï et noväs litteräs et virtütes cïvitätis puerïs virginibusque docëbunt.

While the sister of the poet writes an abundance of praise to the brothers of the sailor because of the victory of the Romans, the teachers will teach both new letters [new literature] and the virtues of the state to boys and girls.


2. Liberty draws praise from free men. The ancient writers, nevertheless, never gave thanks to the fatherland.

Lïbertäs laudem ex lïberïs trahit. Scriptörës antiquï tamen patriae numquam gratiäs agëbant .


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