Chapter 7 - Mock Quiz B
Answer Key

Please fill in the chart below.  Remember to place macrons over vowels where they belong.
Verb Person Number Tense Form
(E.G.: to love 2nd sing present amäs)
to murder, kill 2nd plural future necäbitis
to dare 3rd sing future audëbit
to murder, kill 3rd plural imperfect necäbant
to dare 2nd sing present audës

Please provide the forms requested below (if more than one form is possible, please list it)
English Gender Number Case Latin
(E.g.: girl F. Sing. Nom. puella
new wife F. Sing Dative novae uxörï
safe songs N. Plural Acc salva carmina
habits, character M. Plural Dative/Ablative möribus
time N. Sing Nom/Acc/Voc tempus
perpetual labors M. Plur Gen perpetuörum labörum
queen F. Sing. Abl.
safe land F. Sing Gen salvae terrae


Please provide the principal parts of the verb that means "to dare."

audeö, audëre, ausus sum

Pleas provide the 2nd plural present imperative active of the word that means "to kill"


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