Chapter 7 - Mock Quiz A
Answer key


1. Forms:

Identify the following forms.  If the words are noun + adjective combinations, give a translation of the words in the nominative. If it is a verb, translate it.  Then, if the form is singular, give the plural - if it plural give the singular.

e.g.: bonae fëminae: Fem: Gen/ Dat S or Nom/Voc, P
        good woman
       bonae fëminae.

e.g.: habëbis:  2s Pres Ind Act;
   you will have

a) novï amöres:

form: NMP

trans: new loves

S-P/P-S: novus amör

b) necäbämus:

form: 1 P Imperfect Indicative Active

trans: We were killing

S-P/P-S: necäbam

c) antïquïs möribus:

form: DMP/ Abl MP

trans: ancient characters

S-P/P-S: antïquö mörï [dative] antiquo möre

d) audëtis:

form: 2 P Present Indicative Active

trans: you dare

S-P/P-S: audës

e) malörum hominum:

form: GMP

trans: of evil men

S-P/P-S: mali hominis

2. Translate the following sentence into English:
Otium novï hominis in temporibus päcis parvum est.

The leisure of a new man is small in times of peace.

3. Translate the following sentence into Latin:

Kings kill both songs of love and the labor of literature in a free state.

Rëgës carmina amöris et laborem litterärum in lïberä cïvitäte necant.

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