Chapter 5
Mock Quiz

Please fill in the chart below. 






(E.G.: to love 2nd sing present amäs)
to dine 3rd plur imperfect cënäbant
to be over, conquer 2nd sing future superäbis
to remain, stay 2nd plur future remanëbitis
to help aid assist 1st sing imperfect iuväbam
to be 2nd sing present es

Please provide the forms requested below (if more than one form is possible, please list it)
English Gender Number Case Latin
(E.G.: girl F. Sing. Nom. puella)
pretty [not bellus, a, um] eye M. Plur. Dat. pulchrïs oculïs
free glory F. Sing. Abl. lïberä gloriä
sane cure N. Sing. Acc. sänum remedium
foolish souls M. Plur. Gen. stultörum animörum

Please provide the principal parts of the verb that means "to conquer."

superö, superäre, superävï, superätum

Please provide the 2nd singular pres imperative active of the word that means "to remain."


Please provide the 2nd plur pres imperative active of the word that means "to blame."


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