Chapter 5: Imperfect Tense

of the 1st & 2nd Conjugation

Imperfect Tense - 1st Conjugation Imperfect Tense - 2nd Conjugation
laudäbam - I was praising monëbam - I was warning
laudäs - you were praising monës - you were warning
laudäbat - he/she/it was praising monëbat - he/she/it was warning
laudämus - we were praising monëmus - we were warning
laudätis - you (all) were praising monëtis - you (all) were warning
laudäbant - they were praising monëbant - they were warning

Note: The 1st sing and 3rd pl seem more logical than the future - because the "a" in the imperfect tense marker doesn't disappear in the 1st singular and 3rd plural the way the "i" in the future tense marker does. This is true also in 2nd Conjugation. [Remember, the "a" in the imperfect tense marker does become short in the 1st and 3rd singular and the 3rd plural]

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